Websphere Commerce Training by Highly Experienced Trainer


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Hi,We offer 100%practical websphere commerce training online-FOr more details,pl email at masood4u99@gmail.com.

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Websphere Commerce Training by Highly Experienced Trainer

  1. 1. Websphere Commerce Trainingby Highly Experienced Trainer Provided by Cynosure Knowledge Solutions masood4u99@gmail.Com
  2. 2. WCS Admin Course Contents-1• IBM WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Hands-on Training for• Administrator• Overview of administering a WebSphere Commerce site• WebSphere Commerce instance•• WebSphere Commerce Payments instance• Managing features• Logging services• Business auditing• Business events• Staging server• Database maintenance guidelines• Dynamic caching• Transforming, loading, and extracting data• Product Advisor search-space synchronization• Deploying• Overview of inventory sharing for Extended Sites stores (non-ATP)• Tax sharing in an Extended Site model• Administering workspaces• Administering Coremetrics
  3. 3. WCS Development Contents-2• Welcome• Unit 1 –• Course Introduction• Business model information model• Consumer direct information model• B2B direct information model• Extended sites information model• Demand chain information model• Supply chain information model• Relationships between stores•• Unit 2 – WebSphere Commerce programming architecture• Exercise 1 – WebSphere Commerce development environment• introduction• Exercise 2 – Modifying a WebSphere Commerce storefront•
  4. 4. WCS Admin Course Contents-3• Unit 3 – Developing and customizing storefront pages• Exercise 3 – Developing a new view• Review – Complete exercise 3• Unit 4 – Developing and customizing store business logic• Exercise 4 – Developing a new command•• Unit 5 – Extending WebSphere Commerce behavior with EJBs• Exercise 5 – Creating an EJB in WebSphere Commerce• Review – Complete Exercise 5•• Unit 6 – Payments in WebSphere Commerce•• Unit 7 – Messaging and other integration components• Review – Complete Exercise 6
  5. 5. WCS Admin Course Contents-4• Unit 8 – Using and modifying Web 2.0 features• Exercise 7 – Using Web 2.0 store features•• Unit 9 – Customizing WebSphere Commerce tools• Exercise 8 – WebSphere Commerce tools customization•• Unit 10 – Best practices for development in WebSphere Commerce•• Unit 11 – Web services and WebSphere Commerce• Exercise 6 – Implementing and deploying a Web service in WebSphere• Commerce•• Unit 12 – Working with WebSphere Commerce services• WebSphere Commerce BOD command framework• Developing the business logic layer using the BOD command framework• Data service layer• Working with the data service layer• WebSphere Commerce Web services with JSP pages• WebSphere Commerce foundation tag library• Workspaces support for BOD service modules• Exercise 9 – Creating WebSphere Commerce services
  6. 6. Provided by Cynosure Knowledge SolutionsOur faculty Websphere Commerce Server Training faculty comprises of top-notch consultants with several years of experience in delivering high quality trainingPl contact:Email:masood4u99@gmail.comPh:+1-248-247-6677(USA)