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Cognos tm1 Training|cognos tm1 online training|100%Practical Training


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Cognos tm1 Training|cognos tm1 online training|100%Practical Training|Pl email me at

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Cognos tm1 Training|cognos tm1 online training|100%Practical Training

  1. 1. Cynosure Knowledge Solutions Pl email me at masood@cynosureks.comCognos 9.5 TM1 DEVELOPMENTIntroduction to IBM Cognos TM1Examine TM1 ComponentsReview financial performance managementIdentify the TM1 user communityDescribe the components of TM1Understand TM1 ArchitectureDefine TM1 ArchitecturePre-requisites to Install TM1Installing TM1Configuring TM1Create TM1 ServersImportant Files in TM1Creating Servers and configuring themLogon to TM1 Server and browse sample dataCreate DimensionsReview cubes and dimensionsDiscuss DimensionDiscuss ElementTypes of ElementsCreate dimensions manuallyEdit dimensionsUsing weights with elementsTurbo IntegratorWhat is Turbo IntegratorCreate dimensions using Turbo IntegratorCreate cubes using Turbo IntegratorUsing attributesBuild Cubes and ViewsDiscuss cubes and data pointsCreate cubesConstruct views of data in cubesCreate and use a pick listLoad and Maintain DataCreate processes to load dataDetermine the Data SourceReview the Data Page 1
  2. 2. Cynosure Knowledge Solutions Pl email me at masood@cynosureks.comImport Data from an ASCII FileUse formulas in VariablesCreate a process to delete data in a cubeCreate processes to update the modelAdd Business RulesDiscuss a ruleConstruct rules for elements or consolidationsUse functions in rulesOptimize rule performanceDiscuss rules in a Rule WorksheetOptimize Rule PerformanceOptimize rule performanceUse Skip check and FeedersEmploy tools to enhance rules and feedersTransfer Data into Your Model Using ScriptsReview Advanced tabs in Turbo IntegratorAdd a subset to a dimensionUse logic in scriptsMove data between versionsConstruct choresCustomize Drill PathsCreate a Drill ProcessCreate a Drill Assignment RuleUsing Rules for Advanced ModelingDiscuss virtual cubesList uses for lookup cubesCreate and use a spread profile cubeImplement moving balances in a cubeConvert CurrenciesDiscuss currency challengesCreate currency dimensionCreate currency cubeCreate rules for currency conversionCreate and Deploy Planning Applications to the WebCreate a Managed Planning ApplicationApply security to Managed Planning ApplicationsExamine design techniques and best Page 2
  3. 3. Cynosure Knowledge Solutions Pl email me at masood@cynosureks.comCreate a Drill ProcessCreate a Drill Assignment RuleEdit a drill processIntegrate with IBM Cognos 8 BIIntegrate TM1 cubes within a Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) environmentIntegrate IBM Cognos TM1 in Cognos 8 BI portalsPresent Data and ReportsOrganize content in TM1 using application foldersUse Action buttons to enhance functionality in Excel and TM1 Web reportsAdd worksheet controls to change the Presentation of dataIntegrate with Cognos BIBenefits of IBM Cognos IntegrationIntegrate IBM Cognos with IBM TM1COGNOS TM1 END USER ANALYSISData ExplorationWhat is Data CubeViewing Data in a CubeCalculating a ViewArranging DimensionsSpread Sheet AnalysisExamine InSpreadsheet browserTaking View SnapshotsSlicing a ViewSpreadsheet FunctionsOrganize and Distribute ResultsUse TM1 WebCOGNOS TM1 ADMINISTRATIONTM1 Architecture and InstallationDescribe the IBM Cognos performance management (PM) system and TM1s role in PMIdentify the components of TM1 architectureInstall TM1 componentsConfigure the TM1 servesReplicate and Synchronize ServersDescribe the replication processIdentify replication relationshipsIdentify possible server Page 3
  4. 4. Cynosure Knowledge Solutions Pl email me at masood@cynosureks.comReplicate cubesRemove cube replicationsSynchronize replicationsMonitor Server PerformanceUse TM1 log filesMonitor performance with control cubesDynamically monitor TM1 server threadsMonitor TM1 server performance in real timeManage the ServerBroadcast messages to clientsConnect and disconnect users from a TM1 serverShut down a remote TM1 serverImplement TM1 SecurityIdentify TM1 authentication optionsCreate users and groupsConfigure integrated loginAssign object security rights to groupsUse rules to maintain security rightsUse Turbo Integrator processes to maintain securityBack Up and Recover ApplicationsCreate processes to back up dataPlan for backup and recovery of TM1 applicationsMigrate Applications from Development to ProductionDocument objects in the TM1 ApplicationManage the application Page 4