Medical abbreviations


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Medical abbreviations

  1. 1. By Chris Oswalt
  2. 2. Medical abbreviations areused as a short hand writingtechnique that condenseslonger terms to just a fewletters. This is very helpful inthe medical field where thereare many similarly spelledwords. Overall it helpsdecrease confusion resultingin better patient care.
  3. 3. CATHCath is anabbreviationfor Catheter
  4. 4. Catheter is a tubethat can be insertedinto the body tofacilitate urination inpatients with aurinary disorder orpatients that are bedridden.
  5. 5. UTI
  6. 6. UTI is an abbreviation for Urinary TractInfection. It is an infection that canhappen anywhere along the urinary tract.Caused by germs, usually bacteria thatenters the urethra. Women are morelikely than men to get a UTI. A burningsensation is the most common symptomwhen urinating and also frequent urge tourinate.
  7. 7. H2O
  8. 8. H2O is an abbreviation for water. It is thechemical composition for the moleculesand states that there are two hydrogenions and one oxygen ion that are bondedtogether. Water is such an abundantsource of matter within the body and isvery common that using this abbreviationis extremely helpful when writing orcharting.
  9. 9. BUNBUN is an abbreviationfor blood urea nitrogen.It is a blood test utilizedto evaluate kidneyfunction. Normal resultis generally 6 - 20mg/dL.
  10. 10. UCUC is anabbreviationfor UrineCulture. This iswhen urine iscollected andevaluated forbacteria orinfection
  11. 11. Urine culture is a test that is usuallyordered to detect the presence of a urinarytract infection. Presence of a single type ofbacteria growing at high colony counts isconsidered a positive urine culture.Cultures with greater than 100,000 colonyforming units (CFU)/mL of one type ofbacteria usually indicate infection.
  12. 12. Medical abbreviations are helpfulin many ways throughout medicine.Their importance beneficialbecause they are time saving. Evenverbal communication usesabbreviations.