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  • The tools. Well, a tool – over the next slides going to take you through Eloqua, but as a partner of a number of tool providers we can give you insight not just into the tool, but it’s place in your MO, and the subtle but important barriers to making the tool work
  • Next Generation e-Mail

    1. 1. ‘Next generation email’
    2. 2. The future looking pretty cool...
    3. 3. • The future should be familiar (we’re still the same old people!)• The future should be smart• The future should be labour-saving
    4. 4. But are we there yet? • 89% of organisations still struggle with automating the marketing function. • Only 23% indicated they used an "integrated marketing platform" that centralised the marketing management and customer engagement capabilities in one solution. • Best-in-Class were 4.7 x more likely than their peers to use an integrated solution that automated both marketing management and customer engagement.
    5. 5. And in trying to make the automated and accountable future ofmarketing real without understanding how to use the tools, we tend tofeel more enslaved, not liberated.
    6. 6. Many B2B vendors are still…• …not actively segmenting• …not testing• …not using automated triggers• …not using lead scoring• …not integrated with SFA or CRM• …struggling with disparate data sources and processes
    7. 7. So, how do we get back to the future?
    8. 8. Understand the core principles
    9. 9. Then look at the tools
    10. 10. THEN work out your own flight path
    11. 11. Critical: Integration• The best planned campaign in the world won’t succeed if there are major internal communication challenges.• Success is as dependant on change management, continual education, marketing and sales alignment as it is on any tool.• …Also, next generation email isn’t just about email. The faster organisations move to customer-centric engagements (not starting with the channels or products) the faster they will succeed. Email is only a (limited) channel.
    12. 12. Journey vs. Campaign • Change in marketing mindset from one shot campaign to long term buyer journey. • Focus on the customer vs. campaign. • Advisory skills in the marketing department that help to create / reinforce buyer journey.
    13. 13. Must think through data inputs and outputs • Agility to add source systems that will trigger next actions. • Planning upstream to build proper campaign tracking, activity type and cell code tracking for all source systems. • Creating discipline among teams to follow process for data that will affect nurturing campaigns and processes.
    14. 14. Emphasis on planning Non-automated Automated‘Effort’
    15. 15. It can feel overwhelmingly complex
    16. 16. Start simple
    17. 17. Evolve in modules
    18. 18. Then extend the sophistication...
    19. 19. Don’t forget messaging & content variations 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 1 2 3 Campaign 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 4 5 6 with 3 CTAs 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 7 8 9 9 9 9 9 0 0 0 0 Simple 9 cell 40 cellvariant campaign variant stage 2
    20. 20. Some of the key shifts you should expect Tactical StrategicScope of Discrete campaigns Ongoing multi-channel demand generationapplication and nurturingDegree of Standalone service Integrated with client CRM and SFA systemsintegration Leads assigned by in-house marketing Aligned sales and marketing processes, e.g. • Lead scoring • Lead hand-off • Lead assignmentPlanning Tactical delivery to brief Collaborative strategic planningDerived value Significant operational improvement Strategic and operational gains
    21. 21. The next generation is social…
    22. 22. OPTIMISING ‘advertising’ x x = Targeting resonance frequency effectiveness
    23. 23. Email is very different x x = Targeting resonance frequency effectiveness
    24. 24. Final thoughts1. Technology is necessary but not sufficient2. Requires internal change3. The story matters more, not less
    25. 25. In the right hands, these tools areincredibly effective.But they can also be a very efficient wayof getting bad messages in front ofprospects at critical points in theirpurchase decision path.Technology can be an enabler, but not areplacement for insight.
    26. 26. Thank you @J_Trezona