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Meeting Minutes


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Meeting Minutes

  1. 1. Meeting Minutes16th January 2011 – Filming the sequence discussed at Welling School at11am – 1pmFilm Sequence – 2 minutes:00:00-00:10– camera on the floor feet running past00:11-00:21– camera close up on Shaun’s (Charlie’s) face with zombiesrunning in the background00:22-00:32– Shaun (Charlie) running at the gate00:33-00:43– Shaun (Charlie) runs to the safe house00:44-00:54– The three other survivors are in a room pointing thereguns at Shaun (Charlie)00:55-1:20 – All four start talking about if Shaun (Charlie) got the radiosignal online1:21-1:25 – Close up on gate opening slowly1:26-1:32 – Title of film (Deadline)1:33-1:40 – Shaun (Charlie) asleep in bed, alarm goes off, he wakes up1:41-1:51 – Credits of the film