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Hey! I Saw You On That Library Video!


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Your library's videos and pictures are more than just scrapbook fodder. Discover why your library should create videos and slideshows with success stories straight from other Florida libraries. Presented 5/7/2009 at the annual Florida Library Association conference.

Hey! I Saw You On That Library Video!

  1. 1. I Saw You On That Library Video! Presentation by Mary C. Brown, Director, Union County Public Library & Mary Weatherholt, YA and Technical Services, Union County Public Library
  2. 2. Outline • How can videos help your library? • Who is going to help you create a video? • What do you need to make a video or slideshow? • Things to consider • Where do you post videos online? • Other resources • Questions and comments
  3. 3. How can videos help your library? It may not seem apparent at first, but in this world where information is available at the click of a button, a presence on the internet can help your library reach people, not just in your city, county or state, but all over the world. Videos and slideshows can enhance the experience a patron has with your library, both inside and outside your building.
  4. 4. Videos can help your library . . . • Introduce your library and services to people on the internet. • Check out this video from USF Polytechnic Library: ation2008b/library_orientation2008b.html • This video from St. Johns County Public Library shows patrons how to reserve items through their online catalog: • Hillsborough Community College’s Brandon Library filmed a tour of their premises with information on their services:
  5. 5. Videos can help your library . . . • Introduce your library and services to people on the internet. • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University turns a library tour into a madcap adventure with student Timmy and mimes:
  6. 6. Videos can help your library . . . • Reach out to the local and world-wide community. • Pasco County Library System invited the Tampa FBI SWAT team to share their stories and other big things:
  7. 7. Videos can help your library . . . • Announce or update special projects and resources. • Watch this video, created by USF student assistant Kasandra Schwartz, advertising the Central Florida Memory Digital Collection:
  8. 8. Videos can help your library . . . • Advertise for regular or annual library programming. • Union County Public Library posted this video showcasing the opening festivities for summertime programs:
  9. 9. Videos can help your library . . . • Preserve special programs and performances. • Alachua County Library District posted a “Jack and the Beanstalk” puppet show: • Jacksonville Public Library posted videos from their Adult and Teen Talent Show: • The Suwannee River Rollers performed at the 2008 FLA Conference:
  10. 10. Videos can help your library . . . • Preserve special programs and performances. • Alan Kornblau introduces a library program with this video from Delray Beach Public Library:
  11. 11. Videos can help your library . . . • Connect with non-library users. • Watch this video by Theo Karantsalis of Miami-Dade College. He wants you to read:
  12. 12. Videos can help your library . . . • Train library staff. • SSLLI training includes knowing how to use and implement RFID tags as shown in this video from an Illinois library:
  13. 13. Who is going to help you create a video? • Tech-minded staff or volunteers • Your patrons • Teen advisory boards • Watch Pasco County Library System’s teen library board member Sarah review Twilight:
  14. 14. What do you need to make a video or slideshow? • Digital Camera/Video Recorder • Try these websites for help choosing a digital camera to suit your needs: • • • • When searching for a video recorder, keep in mind what file format (.mov, .mpg4) will work for the program you use to view or make videos. If you are using a video recorder that uses physical tape (such as a DV or mini-DV device), make sure your device has a way of uploading to a computer, via USB cord or other, such as firewire. • Firewire is Apple, Inc.’s name for a transfer mechanism for many high-end professional audio and video equipment.
  15. 15. What do you need to make a video or slideshow? • Programs • A lot of digital cameras come with software you can use to edit and create videos. • Lifehacker users pick the six best video editing applications, including Sony Vegas Pro, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. • If you plan on using still photographs for your videos, you may want to check out photo editing applications. Check out Lifehacker’s choice for the five best image editing tools, including Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. • Screen captures are video files taken of what appears on a computer screen and can help you teach your patrons how to use your library’s catalog or computer programs. Lifehacker reviews five of the best programs:
  16. 16. Things to consider • When filming people, keep in mind that some may not want their likeness or their child’s likeness used in a video or slideshow. A release form may help. Here is an example of a parental release form for children: • If you use music in your video or slideshow, you should purchase a license for the music you wish to use or find royalty-free sources of music. Some sheet music is public domain, but recordings of performances are not. • Copyright Clearance Center created a short video explaining how copyright works. • The U.S. Copyright Office’s website has lots of good information.
  17. 17. Where do you post videos online? • YouTube – • Google Video - • Yahoo Video - • Dailymotion - • Viddler - • Vimeo - • Veoh - • Your library’s website (contact your IT department or webmaster)
  18. 18. Other useful resources • – For information and advice on software, cameras, taking pictures and life in general. • – Creates a unique slideshow with pictures and music from your computer or from files on the internet. • – Free online file conversion for documents, images, video, music and more. • – Online tool that downloads content from streaming video sites and saves to your computer in a variety of formats. • – A Flash developer resource site that has royalty-free sound FX and music loops to download and use. • – Provides tools for people to easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. Searchable. • – Free site that records screencasts without a program download. • – Project of WFMU, Jersey City, New Jersey. Offers free tracks from indie artists for use at your discretion.
  19. 19. Other ideas for videos • Announce clubs and groups that meet at your library • Quilting clubs • Health support groups • Book clubs • Contests • View the winners of Ask A Librarian’s Director’s Chair Contest, including a cartoon President Obama and teen rappers: • Video blogging • Fundraisers • Construction updates • Fun!
  20. 20. Questions? Comments? • Email Mary Brown at • Email Mary Weatherholt at
  21. 21. Thank You! We couldn’t have done it without you! Union County Public Library staff and all the people who sent video links in: • Alan Kornblau - Delray Beach Public Library • Andrea Figart - Osceola Library System • Bonnie Tollefson • Catherine Lavalée-Welch - University of South Florida Polytechnic • David Kelly - Palm Beach County Library System • Elana D. Karshmer – Cannon Memorial Library – Saint Leo University • Gerald Notaro - University of South Florida • Jae Bass – St. Johns County Public Library System • Jared Hoppenfeld - University of South Florida, Tampa • Jessica Luby - Leesburg Public Library • Keli Likins - Jacksonville Public Library • Kristin Heathcock - Hillsborough Community College Library • Kristy Padrón - Florida Atlantic University • Lee Dotson - University of Central Florida • Lee LeBlanc - SWFLIN • Nancy Fredericks - Pasco County Public Library Cooperative • Sol Hirsch - Alachua County Library District • Terran McCanna - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University • Terri Romberger & Roger Hayden - Pasco County Library System • Theo Karantsalis - Miami-Dade College