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How to fix corrupted Labels Moodle 1.9


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Published in: Education, Technology
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How to fix corrupted Labels Moodle 1.9

  1. 1. How to fix corrupted Labels 1.9 By Maryel Mendiola By Maryel Mendiola
  2. 2. Have you ever seen (or write) a Label with corrupt html or some script that Moodle doesn't recognize ? And suddenly You . . . • can't edit the label, • can't delete it, • can't do anything, and the edit icons have all disappeared. Well . . . Don’t worry , Be happy Because it is very easy to fix corrupt labels. Just follow the next Step by Step By Maryel Mendiola
  3. 3. Look at this Label. It makes freaky things By Maryel Mendiola
  4. 4. Like this: By Maryel Mendiola
  5. 5. By Maryel Mendiola
  6. 6. Right click and “View Page Source” By Maryel Mendiola
  7. 7. In source page, it is recommended to find a text we typed in label and the text can easily be found Maybe we should choose “OMG” (Oh my God!!) to find at source page By Maryel Mendiola
  8. 8. This is how Page Source looks Now, when we find the text we are looking for, we need to look near it and find this class < class="activity label" id="module-XXXX > Where XXXX is a number and is the ID label we are going to use By Maryel Mendiola
  9. 9. Yes !!! By Maryel Mendiola
  10. 10. By Maryel Mendiola
  11. 11. Once edit URL is typed, the ‘Updating Label’ page appears It is highly recommended to delete Everything in this Label through button By Maryel Mendiola
  12. 12. This way it is guaranteed that no code stay there pernicious pernicious code code activated By Maryel Mendiola
  13. 13. When it is everything deleted: We just type a point (or other short character) And we get this By Maryel Mendiola
  14. 14. Editing Icons recovered Do you see the point we typed? The right Blocks are back!! We can see The Topics again Our front page recovered and clean ☺ By Maryel Mendiola
  15. 15. Maria By Maryel Mendiola