Learning the history of braiding for you American Girl Doll


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Watch the slide presentation from http://www.american-girl-doll-clothes.com to learn about braiding for your American Girl Doll - A history of braiding

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Learning the history of braiding for you American Girl Doll

  1. 1. Braiding your American Girl Doll’s hair A History of Braiding Hair
  2. 2. Both men and women have worn their hair in braids as far back as 5000 years ago.
  3. 3. In Africa braiding hair was a social event amongwomen. Young girls learned the art of braidinghair and practiced on their friends. They triedelaborate styles, perfecting their skills.
  4. 4. Cultures found ways to enhance the braiding ofthe hair. The Aztec women wound colorfulstrips of cloth into the braids. In Africa,particular styles are passed down as a tradition.In the Hopi tribe only married wore their hairbraided.
  5. 5. There are many different types of braids.Some of the most common include the English braid.It uses three strands or groups of hair and starts at the nape of the neck.The French braid which instead of starting at the nape of the neck startsat the hairline and travels back and down weaving strands in along theway.The Dutch braid is a French braid that weaves strands under rather thanover.Swiss braids are English braids that are then wrapped around the headand pinned down.Crown braids are braids that are woven like French braids but around thecrown of the head.
  6. 6. In modern times, hair braiding has become afunction of style yet the same reasons whypeople braided their hair 5000 years ago, stillexist. Braiding hair helps keeps the hair neatand clean.
  7. 7. When bathing often was not the norm, braidinghair was a way to keep the hair clean and neat.
  8. 8. Today people still will sometimes braid therehair when they dont have time to wash theirhair. Having your hair braided keeps your hairout of the way while you are working. This wasone of the primary functions for hair braidingamong many Native Americans along withhelping to keep it neat and clean.
  9. 9. Just like braided hair helps to keep human hairneat and clean, braiding your dolls hair, willalso help keep the dolls hair neat and clean.The dolls hair will be less likely to get woundaround other items in the toy box or shelf. Thehair will be less likely to get snarled. Kit, anAmerican Girl Doll has her hair in braids to keepit neat, clean, and from being snarled.
  10. 10. So give braiding your dolls hair a try. You mightfind that in addition to helping keep it fromgetting tangled, you might enjoy experimentingwith braiding styles for your dolls hair. For hair accessories for your doll visit http://www.american-girl-doll-clothes.com
  11. 11. American Girl Doll hair accessories are available and reasonably priced at http://www.american-girl-doll-clothes.com