Team building


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Team building

  1. 1. HOW TO BUILD AGREAT TEAMNikola Vaptsarov Vocational School Radomir, Bulgaria
  2. 2. Team buildingis a process that takes place over time.•The start of the team building process is a group of people, three or more, and a leader.•The end of the process is a high performing team, motivated to perform better and gains immense satisfaction from their shared achievements.
  3. 3. The research is based on a model from nature.Seven animals have been included into it. 1 TIGERS TIGERS TIGERS 2 EAGLES 3 BEARS 4 WOLVES 5 CATS 6 DOGS 7 DUCKS
  4. 4. What does our poll show?Great team-builders 32.53% 31.33% 13.25% 3.61% 7.23% 10.84% Bears Eagles Tigers Ducks Wolves Dogs
  5. 5. Eagles Cats They are good role models for soaring tThe most individual animals that like 1 2 to individual heights, but they are poor freedom, calmness and are ego- team players. They are known to be centered. territorial, pretty hostile toward one The worst team players. another and constantly stealing prey from one another. In the human being world the new recruits steal sales and clients from each other, they are in constant struggle.
  6. 6. Bears and Tigers Wolves They are known to eat their young. tThese animals are known to 1 2 In the human being world these are constantly have ego fights for the new guys and girls on the team dominance. who are victims of the old. In the human being world these are That doesn’t make for good team the people who always follow their ego building! and want to rule over others- definitely not good for trust and the morale of a team.
  7. 7. Dogs Ducks They are known for their loyalty but tThe animal species that we have to 1 2 never take initiatives and always wait learn from and emulate in working to be told what to do. together as a team are ducks. In the human being world these are They work together to accomplish the people who are loyal only to the feats that seem unimaginable and leader but if the leader is not a true impossible for most any other animal. leader, the team is doomed. They fly distances of hundreds even thousands of miles, a distance almost no other animal can travel and it is possible only because they do it as a team.
  8. 8. Ducks fly in formation. As each duck1 flaps its wings, it creates uplift for the1 bird following and that is perpetuated throughout their V formation Each duck takes its turn leading the2 flock in flight. When the lead duck gets tired, it fades from the front and is enveloped back into the fold of the flock and naturally another bird takes the lead.
  9. 9. • Amazing feats are created when the collective whole becomes greater than the sum of the individual parts. That occurs when teamwork is working well.• So in business, people who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier when they travel on the thrust of one another.
  10. 10. • The important team lesson : No one member of the team can or should be taking the headwind all the time. Just like a duck, he or she has to have the humility and the ego strength to rotate to the back of the formation so another duck can take the lead position to keep the flock moving at top speed.
  11. 11. The two most important ingredients for building high-performing teams. Always2give what you want . If you want trust TRUST from your team, give trust first. Things that foster trust are transparency, honesty, vulnerability and complete integrity. Feeling significant is as basic as food. ThisAPPRECIATION. begins at birth and never goes away. The need for significance at work is a manifestation of our inborn hunger for meaning in our lives.
  12. 12. How to demonstrate trust to your team? 1 Open the Kimono: Open 3 tExpose Your Chest: As 5 Be Worthy: To be trusted up your books. Share the Waldo Waldman teaches you first must be good, the bad and the ugly about leadership, “expose trustworthy. Demonstrate of your financial statements. your chest to daggers,” you are by doing what you Become far more meaning, show your say you will do and being transparent with how vulnerability first. Be more where you say you will be information is shared and open and honest in the precisely when you say you communicated. disclosure of your own will be there. Deliver on fears, failures and your promises and be the 2 shortcomings. example you want everyone Marionette No More: Drop else to follow. Simple, easy the puppet strings. Give No gossips, negative talk, and pretty straightforward, 4 others more responsibility the “meeting after the right? and decision-making power meeting” and separate without micromanagement alliances or factions within and approvals. Train, but the team. First, never do then trust them. Let them such things yourself. lead. Second, stop others whenever they do them .
  13. 13. Good Luck Team - Builders! There you have it— the formula for Trust building fantastically successful teams. Do just 20 percent of what we talked about here and you will TEAM greatly improve the performance of your team. Diligently work on all of it and you and your team will be Appreciation unstoppable in your industry. Go for unstoppable!
  14. 14. THANK YOU! Your Logo