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Quote of the month      1.Depend on, a keen gardener, dig (digging)tulips, daffodils,                        snowdrops, di...
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Newsletter unit1


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Newsletter unit1

  1. 1. Ms. Kolarska’s Newsletter SEPTEMBER 2012 Important Dates Classroom News 17 September – Your score per month is based on the School Year Opening following components! 1. Attendance – 96% 26 September – European Day of 2. Activity in class: Languages a) 67 and more – excellent b) 56 – very good c) 45 – good d) 34 – satisfactory 3. Grammar Birthdays 4. Vocabulary27 September- Viktor 5. EssayMs. Kolarska Email address:
  2. 2. Quote of the month 1.Depend on, a keen gardener, dig (digging)tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, disappoint, get me down, bulb, grow, give him the benefit of the doubt, do me a favour, seeds, chase them away,“Knowing yourself is patch, keep an eye on things, chatting cheerfully, drive me crazy, clear away, keep on good terms, get along with, annoy, the beginning of all embarrassed, grateful. wisdom.” 2. A scatterbrain, a lazybones, a chatterbox, a nosey parker, a killjoy, a smart alec, a silly billy, a high flier, a workaholic, a Aristotle troublemaker, sensible, creative, thoughtful, easy-going, joyful, honest, caring, do the washing-up, tidy your room, clear the table, polish the furniture, change the sheets, clean the bathroom, mop the floor, set the table, feed the pet, take out the rubbish, vacuum the carpet, dust the furniture, put away clothes, clean out the fridge, look after, take care, run after, pursue, take after, resemble, as sly as a fox, as busy as a bee, as blind as a bat, achieve, behave, selfish. 3. Potion, play the trumpet, make a snowman, speak to a famous person, eat caviar, cost expensive, handsome, kid, necklace, performance, tour. 4. Curly, wavy, straight, short, long, fair hair; plump, thin, slim, of average height, bald, beard, moustache, in their early /late thirties, middle-aged, talkative, energetic, funny, likable, mean, co-Student of the Month worker, classmate, employee, employer. 5. Exchange student, host, keep in touch, shy. 6. Double-decker, punctual, reserved, old-fashioned, Essay Topics: 1. Write about a neighbor of yours: name &general impression, what you like about him/her, what you don’t like & reasons, sum up your opinion. 2. Describe your friend: name, what he/she looks like, your feelings about him/her. 3. Think of some stereotypes related to the people in your country. Write a short article.