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  2. 2. Fantastic scenery Clear lake High mountains Trees Clean air This picture shows fantastic scenery. I can see a clear lake and high mountains. There are trees by the side of the lake and the air is fresh and clean.
  3. 3. Traffic congestion Busy motorway A lot of cars Exhaust fumes Air pollution This picture shows traffic congestion. I can see a busy motorway. There are a lot of cars and their exhaust fumes are producing air pollution.
  4. 4. Convenient public transport Railway station Well-dressed passengers Wait to get on a train This picture shows convenient public transport. I can see a railway station. There are welldressed passengers waiting to get on the train.
  5. 5. A large shopping centre A multi-storey building A variety of expensive shops Shoppers Modern escalators This picture shows a large shopping centre. It’s a multi-storey building with a variety of expensive shops in it. There are a lot of shoppers going up and down the escalators.
  6. 6. Peaceful neighbourhood Cozy/ cosy/ house Pretty garden Lots of flowers and bushes This picture shows a peaceful neighborhood. I can see a cozy suburban house. There is a pretty garden with lots of flowers and bushes.
  7. 7. Guess the meaning of the word
  8. 8. Study the words A city slicker A country lover Fast pace Dull Hustle and bustle Inspiration Community spirit Put up with Close at hand Huge ranch Droughts Crops Feel isolated Local facilities