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Smart Phone Applications for the Health Care, Spa, and Travel Industries


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This journalistic summary explains how the business plan, Devine Solutions – Innovating Mobility, promotes smart phone applications for small businesses in the health care, travel, and spa industries. These applications incorporate a user friendly interface that enhances the user's experience.

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Smart Phone Applications for the Health Care, Spa, and Travel Industries

  1. 1. Devine Solutions Background The company’s mission is to serve small businesses by creating applications and Websites for mobile devices that integrate rich graphic design and new technologies. These applications and Websites allow businesses to communicate worldwide thru their rich graphic displays. Devine Solutions uses software tools to meet the needs of the client’s it serves. The company uses design thinking to innovate the design of its mobile products and services. The construction of text on a Website and the style of the graphic used by the artist communicates meaning and sends a non-verbal message to the end user. The company’s ongoing design process includes its clients, internal/external stakeholders and the surrounding environment. Consumer research and surveys into consumer preferences for icons, colors, and an easy to use graphical interface are part of the design process to create each client’s mobile applications and services. Integrating new technologies with graphic media innovates the design of each mobile application and Website and creates a competitive advantage for each small business the company’s serves. Start-up Overview Devine Solutions is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). There are several advantages to incorporating Devine Solutions as a LLC. First, this permits the company to have a tax structure so its income or loss can be declared on the owner’s personal tax statement.1 Second, it provides the owner with limited liability. Third, the LLC structure allows additional members to be added and there is no restriction concerning the number of members a LLC can have. Fourth, LLC’s permit all owners of the business to have 100% participation in the business. LLC’s do not restrict members to being United States citizens or possessing residency status and this form of business allows persons who are not U.S. residents and corporations to invest in the company.1 Fifth, the company can create an operating agreement that is tailored to the needs of the organization. Devine Solution’s tailored operating agreement is written to facilitate the company’s development of customized applications and Websites for small businesses.1 Location and Facilities Devine Solutions has the opportunity to market the company’s services to a target market of 35,096 businesses that is segmented into the health care, spa, recreation, and travel industries. Devine Solutions will start as a home based service offering Web based mobile services to small businesses in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach Metropolitan Area. The requirements to start this business are a dedicated digital subscriber line that can transmit both data and voice, computer, mobile phone, and office space. A Web hosting service that provides the capability to store and transfer large files for the entrepreneur’s Web site Devine Solutions Innovating Mobile Solutions For small businesses in the health care, spa, recreation, and travel industries By Maryanne Devine
  2. 2. is also required. Capital equipment consists of a desktop computer with a two terabyte hard drive and a laser printer. Receptionist services will be leased for answering phone calls, booking appointments, and forwarding calls. When additional office space is required for office meetings, the conference space will be rented from local sources. Product Description Devine Solutions products and services target small businesses who desire customized mobile business applications and Web sites. The company’s goal is to create superior and user-friendly mobile applications and Websites for small businesses that increase their brand awareness, revenue, and efficiency. Devine Solutions boosts the brand awareness of their client’s products and services by exposing them to a wide audience of mobile handset users. The company’s customized applications and Websites create efficiencies by making available to small businesses computing capabilities that were once only accessible to the business owner on their personal computer located in their office. These customized mobile applications and Websites create ubiquitous connectivity in real time with small business’ employees and customers. The applications and Websites also allow small businesses to quickly track, retrieve, access, store, and process information located in centralized or multiple locations via the Internet. The company’s software programmers and graphic designers who create mobile applications and Websites use the company’s design precepts that take into consideration the features of the mobile device such as its smaller screen size, operating system, camera, and global positioning system. A key element of Devine Solutions design process for each new application or Website it creates, is the seamless integration of a mobile device’s visual display with its application and/ or Website. Design thinking is a tool that can be used to innovate the design of a business’ products and services. The company’s design process a product or service is an ongoing process that includes the surrounding environment. The company’s design process integrates rich graphic content with hypertext markup language (HTML), portable document format (PDF), or joint photographic experts group (JPEG) file formats. 5k Race BaseballRecreation Jogging Team Events Team Events Maps Golf Parks Credits :: PILart
  3. 3. Competitive Advantage Devine Solutions integration of new technologies allows the company to innovate its own processes and design new products and services that create efficiencies and enhance the productivity of the small businesses the company serves. Devine Solutions understands the needs its clients in the health care, spa, recreation, and travel industries; therefore, it has a competitive advantage over its competitors who do not specialize in these industries or mass produce generic applications and Websites. Devine Solutions will compete with its competitors using incremental innovation by combining current industry ideas and services with recent innovations to create new services. The company believes incremental innovation can be used to create a competitive advantage and results in new solutions that will make it a tough competitor in the mobile service industry. Continuous incremental innovation requires constant brainstorming to generate new possibilities. The company brainstorms by networking with external and internal stakeholders, it clients, and potential clients that visit its Website. Creating a platform that allows a community of creative professionals to communicate results in a vast treasure chest of experience that can help the fledgling entrepreneur generate and refine existing ideas. A community of creative professionals results in more creative synergy and generates more entrepreneurial ideas. These visitors to the company’s Website are not only potential clients they are also a source of creativity. The critiques of the company’s products and services by visitors to the Website ensure the company continues to provide superior products and services its client’s value. Company Market Summary The company’s market consists of small businesses and targets four market segments, which are the health care, spa, recreation, and travel industries. Using standard market research allows the company to create a strategy that captures one percent of the market share in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach area. For these small businesses, the trend in usage of mobile devices has shown a steady increase in both the adoption rate and usage. According to Jeffrey, small businesses are incorporating mobile devices into their business model making frequent use of them on “an average of 21 times per day to run their business”. 2 Approximately 37% of small businesses own smart phones and their usage of iPads is now quadruple what it was in 2011. The health care, spa, recreational, and travel industries will believe in the services Devine Solutions offers because they incorporate value-added mobile technologies that are popular with Americans. Some popular technologies are location based technologies that use maps, embedded cameras, Internet browsers and e-book readers for mobile devices. These and other technologies will be embedded into Devine Solutions Websites and applications for the health, spa, recreation, and travel industries the company serves. Small businesses are finding they need to provide their customers information quickly and serve them, wherever they are located. The company’s customized applications and Websites add value by creating efficient business processes, enabling ubiquitous communications on the Internet, and embedding rich graphics and content into each design to create a recognizable brand name for small businesses that want to become known globally on the Internet. The company guarantees the value of its services by agreeing to refund 10% of the purchase price if the client can find another business that offers the same value added service for 10% less than Devine Solutions. The company decides how to position each new product in the marketplace based on how it compares to similar products designed for the same industry.3 For example, telemedicine applications are higher in price and require a high level of technical expertise to develop and integrate innovative technologies into the application. Credits :: Petrov, Pantelimon
  4. 4. Credits :: Maxx-Studio
  5. 5. Company Brand Promise Devine Solutions maintains its competitive advantage by offering services that combine media art and technology to add value and fulfill the specific needs of each business it serves. The company’s application and Web design services can create a positive brand image for each small business it services by providing value-added services. Applications and Web design services offer value to their small business customers because they can be used to sell ideas or deliver information to online users. A well- designed Web site will create a positive brand image for a business, which can be promoted worldwide. Value does not mean a costly design. Value is created by offering Web design services, which are a notch above the competitions. Business to business customers make decisions based on how the purchase will add value to the business. Web site design services, which focus on building personal relationships with the business’ partners, clients, and other stakeholders will help the small business owner be successful. Smart businesses make themselves knowledgeable on the features, benefits, and value of a purchase, prior to making it. To reach this audience, the Web design service must educate small businesses on the quality of their services, which add value to the business. This value is driven by a Web site that is designed with superior content, easy to use graphical interface, and multi-media where appropriate. First promise is to provide unique services that create new possibilities using novel approaches that differentiate the company from its competitors.” Second promise is to create compelling business applications to allow small businesses endless opportunities that keep pace with the changing dynamics of new technologies. The mobile service’s third promise is to earn its credibility by making itself known as having a staff of experts who have keen insight into mobile technologies that create value added mobile applications small businesses can trust. Devine Solutions Three Brand Promises Credits :: Olechowski
  6. 6. Health Care Industry Trends in usage for mobile devices by the health care industry show increasing usage. The health care industry for 2015 breaks down demand for mobile health care applications as follows, paid downloads 14%, transactions 8%, advertisements 1%, device sales 30% (applications are included with the smart phone purchase), and services 46%.4 Mostof the mobile health applications available today provide reference information on health issues.5 Research also reports that 78% of mobile phone users make online queries to access health information and health care services.6 For health care innovative design processes create applications that use leading technologies such as holograms and telemedicine. For example, the company combines new technologies to create innovative services such as health care telemedicine technologies with 3D images using holograms that result in applications for physicians in remote locations. Spa Industry According to the International Spa Association (ISPA), for spa-goers, approximately 85.9% of clients frequent spas because they believe it benefits “their overall health and wellness” (p. 4).7 The three primary factors that influence a client’s return to a spa are the cleanliness, quality of the treatment rendered, and value-added services provided by the customer service staff. Statistics also show spa-goers are more likely than non-spa-goers to exercise, receive spa treatments at home, and take vacations. The ISPA reports, 44.4% of spa- goers go to a fitness facility to exercise vice 18.4% of non-spa- goers.7 Approximately 44.4% of spa-goers have spa treatments at home vice 5.4% of non-spa-goers. Spa-goers also enjoy vacations with approximately 54.8% of them taking a vacation versus 31.9% of non-spa-goers.7 Consumers want to buy products they believe have superior value to similar products. The mobile service can help a company brand its products and services it provides such as massages, hair care, and manicures by creating mobile Web sites and software advertisements that are keyed to the spa’s clientele. Recreation Industry For recreational activities, the U.S. Census Bureau reports for persons over 18 years of age about 52.8% engage in some form of exercise.8 The exercise activities most engaged in are sports: 26.3%, outdooractivities: 28.2%, and gardening: 41.6%. Recreational centers brand themselves as improving the health of members and will be targeted by Devine Solutions as part of a marketing campaign that is combined with the health care and spa industries. This campaign will promote customized applications and Websites that help owners of small business fitness and recreational centers advertise and provide their clients fitness applications they can download or access on the small business’ Website. Credits :: Lightspring, Bandivskyy Credits :: Sorin Credits :: Sorin
  7. 7. Travel Industry Travel, services are in high demand resulting in a 1.9 billion dollar business and this business consists of U.S. and international travelers who spend an estimated $233 billion on trips (U.S. Travel, 2011). The travel industry is rated as one of “the top 10 industries in 48 states and D.C. in terms of employment”.9 This industry is dominated by small businesses with about 99.5% “of travel industry firms with 500 or fewer employees” (p. 1).9 For travel, technologies that allow users to write on the tablet and have their handwriting converted to type is a boon for businesses that want mobility and do not want to transport pen, paper, and other computer peripherals, such as printers. The larger screen size of a tablet makes this device an excellent choice for displaying spreadsheets, charts, presentations, e-books, and word documents that can be used by a business to make decisions while traveling locally or to distant locations. The company will design mobile applications for business travelers who travel to conferences or geographically distant locations for business. These applications will help business travelers connect with other conference attendees and make reservations for hotel, car, and air travel. Business travelers will also be able to document business expenses, take notes, update travel itineraries, and perform other office functions using their mobile devices. The opportunity exists for online travel services to use the company’s mobile services to act as a travel concierge. Once the mobile travel service becomes viable, the company can offer these services to other industries such as information technology, retail, and manufacturing. The mobile travel service can extend the concierge service to provide services for sightseeing and shopping while the conference attendee is at the event. These concierge travel services will offer travel applications for visits to parks and other recreational locations using location-based technology with interactive tours to guide visitors.10 Concierge services will offer a mobile teleconferencing option for conference participants in remote locations, who cannot attend the event at the designated geographic location. The company will also offer customized travel Website services for mobile devices. These customized Websites are designed to fit emulate desktop computers and fit the smaller screen size of a mobile device. These mobile Websites will help travel businesses sell their services and book travel arrangements for business travelers prior to and while they are traveling enroute to their next destination.. Customization allows the small business to pay only for the design services they need. Credits :: 3DDock
  8. 8. Smart Phone Survey Analysis Analysis of Devine Solutions’ smart phone survey results show that smart phone users want icons, which facilitate use, learning, and accessibility of their applications on their smart phones. It was noted that survey participants favor the use of icons for all questions, except for the spa. There is evidence this may be the result of the gender mix, which is 68.5% male for the survey population. This survey’s smart phone users as a group consists of a population with more males, who are more educated, and are between the ages of 30 and 60. Approximately 96.6% of participants in the smart phone survey were in the 30 to 60 year age group versus 48.7% of the general population. The survey participants educational levels also differed from the general population using survey results from U.S. Census Bureau research conducted in 2009 that was published in 2012 (U. S. Census Bureau, 2012). More than three times the number of smart phone survey participants attained a graduate degree, 30.8% when compared to the general U.S. population of 9.2%. Approximately 39.7% of the survey participants have an associate or bachelor’s degree compared to 25.3% of the general population. The survey’s results show slightly less participants with a high school degree 22.6% than the U.S. population of 25.6%. Overall the smart phone participants are more educated than the general U.S. population. Smart phone survey results provide nine key pieces of information that will be used to design the company’s applications and mobile Websites. First, icons are the preferred method of accessing applications. Second, the majority of smart phone users prefer to have their most used applications appear automatically on their home page. Third, smart phone users believe that icons, which visually change when updates to their collection of books, music, etc. are discovered, will enhance their smart phone usage. Fourth, customized icons enhance the user’s ability to use mobile applications and perform tasks. Fifth, icons on smart phones help users to learn faster how to use mobile applications and Websites. The key pieces of information for items six thru nine show that smart phone users want personalized icons for travel, spa, health, and recreation applications. The smart phone survey’s findings show Devine Solutions must design and market icons that meet the end user needs. The survey results provide evidence that user preferences are linked to their activities and gender. Smart Phone Survey Icon Preferences Agree Neutral Disagree Q2: Frequently used applications that appear automatically on your home screen are more accessible 73% 21% 6% Q3: Smart phone usage is enhanced by icons that visually change when updates to a users collection are discovered 80% 15% 6% Q4: Customized icons enhance the user’s ability to use mo- bile applications or perform tasks 61% 32% 8% Q5: Icons on smart phones help users to learn how to use mobile applications and Websites quicker 71% 19% 10% Q6: Personalized icons for travel applications make the ap- plication easier to use for the traveler 66% 27% 8% Q7: Personalized icons for spa applications make the appli- cation easier to use 39% 47% 14% Q8: Personalized icons for health applications make the ap- plication easier to use 67% 26% 7% Q9: Personalized icons for recreation applications make the application easier to use 65% 30% 5%
  9. 9. Credits :: iQoncept
  10. 10. New Product Launch Devine Solutions carefully plans each new launch to includes it timing with other publicity events to ensure its gets the best coverage possible. Planning the launch of a new product involves many details such as staffing, equipment, public relations events, and a promotion party. Each launch is different, since a different product is being marketed that has different characteristics and appeals to a different set of small businesses. For example, telemedicine applications appeal to the niche market of small businesses that specialize in health care services. For each launch, marketing develops a plan to introduce the mobile application into the market place. The company makes contacts with both current and potential clients to get a feel for their level of interest in the product prior to the launch. Applications that undergone extensive market research, prior to their development, with additional research prior to the launch have a high probability of being successful in the market place. Devine Solutions thoroughly researches its plan for launching all mobile applications and Websites. The company believes its research will help guarantee its success in the market place. Future Products and Services The security of a mobile platform is important to small businesses. In its second year of operation the company plans to add enhanced security features for Web sites and publishing services for trade magazines and journals. The mobile service will develop enhanced security programs with text alerts that let businesses know when hackers are trying to compromise a Web site, account, or mobile device.11 In the third year of operation the company will offer online publishing services to clients. Publishing services will include newspapers, trade publications, and journals. First time users of the publishing service will have the option of buying a discounted application for viewing the publication on multiple mobile devices. Offering these enhanced services allows the company to increase the size of its target market to include retail stores that specialize in health and personal care, cosmetics, beauty supplies, perfume, supermarkets, sporting goods, and hobby stores. New products will also be developed to support new technologies such as near field communication to enhable mobile devices to make wireless payments for goods and services. Credits :: iQoncept
  11. 11. References 1. Bagley, C., & Savage, D. (2010). Managers and the legal environment (6th ed.) (R. Dewey, V. True, & J. Lamar, Eds.). Mason, Ohio: South-Western. 2. Jeffrey.(2012.p.1).Small business mobile usage [Infographic].Retrieved April 24,2012,from Web site: graphic/ 3. Grewal, D., & Levy, M. (2011). Marketing (2nd ed.) (Doug. Hughes, Ed.). New York: McGraw- Hill/Irwin. 4. Williams, A. (2011). 3 mobile health care apps that leverage the cloud. Retrieved November 7, 2011, from Read Write Cloud Web site: healthcare-apps-that.php 5. Dolan, B. (2011). Number of Smartphone health apps up 78 percent. Retrieved November 7, 2011, from Mobi Health News Web site: health-apps-up-78-percent/ 6. Fox, S. (2010). Mobile Health 2010. Retrieved from Pew Internet Web site: http://pewinternet. org/~/media/Files/Reports/2010/PIP_Mobile_Health_2010.pdf 7. ISPA. (2011, p. 4). ISPA 2011 U.S. SPA Industry Study. Retrieved April 1, 2012, from ISPA Web site: research/ 8. U.S. Census Bureau. (2008). Table 1238. Attendance/participation rates for various leisure activities:2008.Retrieved April 11,2012,from U.S.Census BureauWeb site: compendia/statab/2012/tables/12s1239.pdf 9. U.S.Travel Association.(2011,p.1) answer sheet.Retrieved April 11,2011,from U.S. Web site: Sheet.pdf 10. Smith, C. (2011). What are you doing? Retrieved December 13, 2011, from CNR.NCSU.EDU Web site: 11. Fifth Third Bank. (2011). Mobile banking experience. Retrieved December 1, 2011, from Fifth Third Bank Web site: