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The work of chaplaincy in the homeless

The reason we need Homeless Chaplains. Evangelizing using apps. Listening for healing.

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The work of chaplaincy in the homeless

  1. 1. THE WORK OF CHAPLAINCY IN THE HOMELESS SERVICES SETTING IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE OF WHO THEY UNIQUELY ARE. THEY LISTEN THEY BELIEVE THEY COUNSEL THEY ADVOCATE THEY MINISTER The work of chaplains in a homeless ministry according to one homeless shelter Chaplain is uncertain. He lists that he served in hospital visitation, counseling, spiritual encouragement, jail visitation, preaching, teaching and advocacy. This stemmed from his congregation was being made up of a large group of people in constant crisis. These are the least of these that Jesus sent us to serve when he was describing the least of these in Matthew 35:25. A chaplain in a homeless ministry is on a never ending mission to fulfill Jesus direction to serve the least of these. Chaplains have been directly serving flocks on a more hands on like this for a very long time.
  2. 2. The History of Chaplaincy In the work of the Chaplain by Naomi Padgett The history of Chaplaincy began with Bishop Martin and his cloak. Then to the origins of chaplains being employed with the military. To the rich history of Chaplains as Shepards to certain groups like military regiments and hospitals all throughout our history. This need for specific and culturally diverse groups that need spiritual care is truly biblical as we see Jesus sending us to the least of these. The history prepares us today for the modern day gathering of the least of these in a homeless shelter. The inhabitants there are broken for every societal reason in existence. From Drugs, to victims of abuse, to people who are jailed for acting out their pain and suffering, to people who have no means of stability or resources for establishing stability because of past infractions. The description of problems and diverse needs facing a homeless shelter will be listed in the next slide, to demonstrate the need for the unique talents of a chaplain humble serving God by making himself available to the members of a shelter. The Bridge Christian Outreach Homeless services
  3. 3. The work of a chaplain in a homeless shelter begins with listening The art of listening in a healing way by James E. Miller demonstrates the magnitude of listening to people and how it can lead to healing. He suggests that the act of listening is a act of love. It doesn’t involve judgement it doesn’t involve sitting patiently and waiting for someone to finish it involves truly connecting and letting a person speak knowing that their hurt and pain and their inability to overcome is in their words and their need to be shared and for them to be heard. It’s true how often do you really want to share for someone to help you solve the problem. It’s more that you need to be heard and unburdened. Chaplains do this and the least of these really need this to grow and heal.
  4. 4. Chaplains need to minister and share the gospel Because I am not a evangelist and rarely know how to tell the Gospel story the following slides were wrapped into a app and uploaded to google to do it for me. So I and other chaplains can carry my evangelism with me on my phone. Which I feel people need without worrying about stumbling or saying it wrong. So chaplaincy is also spreading the gospel when asked. Click the link to be taken to the google app. When Chaplains are asked about other religions, and can’t provide they can refer to someone who can. So having resources of other religions is important for the homeless chaplain. App’s to testify and share The following is a link to my evangelistic google store app. Same name also listed in the apple store. Click the link to see.  What is Salvation
  5. 5. Chaplaincy is Storytelling Chaplaincy is storytelling and the homeless need the stories and the storytelling. Styles of the African American churches and ministers of storytelling can teach us much. It helps people understand they are not the first to be in their situation nor are they alone. As the biblical characters were not alone. They are still beloved members of God’s kingdom. From Joseph’s story of being abandoned and sold by his brothers to Jonah’s story of being in the whale’s belly to learn and grow to hear and listen to God. These stories help people feel like they can relate their story to someone who came out the other side and it gives the least of these hope. The book African American Pastoral Care by Edward p. Wimberly is a excellent place to learn more about this chaplaincy method
  6. 6. The homeless Chaplain has to advocate When the least of these are homeless the need the listening , they need the storytelling, the need the ministry but they also need the Advocacy. You have no idea how hard it is when someone believes you are the least of these to get help. Experiments have been done. Pastors dressing up as homeless and showing up to church. Their entire congregations walked past them on the church steps and blatantly disregarded them. From Pastor Dustin Bluff to many others who have performed this experiment being homeless is treated as a pariah’s and pariah’s have a hard time being restored to society and getting jobs. Pastors need to help the least of these with real things to like meals, and jobs, and clothes and finances. People think this is a quick fix but many homeless never make it and the ones that do take months and years of advocacy and help.
  7. 7. Chaplains Counsel When you have listened and related told stories so people don’t feel alone? Help people by advocating and providing resources. What’s next? You have ministered given good news but sometimes they may need to know what to do next. Sometimes wise counsel in such overwhelming lack it is very much needed. How too’s and when too’s. Sometimes practical counseling is imperative to recovery. For homeless people practical everyday life and how to do it is very needed. So chaplains counsel
  8. 8. So homeless chaplains are very important From visiting jails, to feeding, to advocacy , to visiting those that are sick, the homeless chaplain serves many many roles. A more diverse group of clients and needs may not be able to be claimed by any other chaplaincy group. Sadly the facts are there are few full time homeless chaplains. Yet a quick review shows how much they are needed. I support fully the important work of the homeless chaplain .  Thank you Pastor Jerry Herald for teaching me the need