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Matching tools | Ukraine


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Matching tools | Ukraine

  1. 1. Matching Matching Matching Matching Matching Matching Matching Matching Matching Matching Matching
  2. 2. • Matching Definition • Matching Tools • Acceptance Notes • LC2LC Cooperations • Matching Process • Secret of Matching
  3. 3. • Finding the most suitable EPs/TNs for the TNs/EPs that we have raised • Understand the importance of matching our EP/TN forms. • Providing ideas and solutions to help you match your forms in the shortest possible time.
  4. 4. Ensuring we deliver on our promise to our customers (companies and students) and maintain the image of AIESEC. Matching is the link from sales to impact 
  6. 6. X pipeline in the project
  7. 7. Matching process • Peaks of realization • Different countries for different peaks • Timing for visas
  8. 8. Matching Online: • (Exchange Management Module) • wikis of the countries – subscribe, news out of the system (For example: • Instant messengers – e.g. Skype, MSN, Gtalk • Matching manias – skype, chat roms • Mailing -– spamming versus individual mail, to be visible but not overspam Matching Offline: • Searchtools – updated on regular basis • Conferences like XPRO – establishing relations, getting to know realities of others and positioning your offers • Available forms tracker – show the usage
  9. 9. -Add EP Form: My Experience => Programmes and Phases => Take GCDP/GIP -Add TN Form: AIESEC Programs => Team Mebmer => Partnership Management => Add Organization/Project Find TNs/EPs: AIESEC Programs => Team Member => Browse Internships => TN/EP => show “Committee” => flag needed country and LC Manage Forms: AIESEC Programs => Team Member => Manage Forms => EP/TN => Choose status, Exchange Type, Dates Match Forms: AIESEC Programs => Team Leader => Assign Quick Match
  10. 10. BUT YOU can Use other tools of matching
  11. 11. Mail to EP/TN • Personal mail • Put EP/TM ID • Use promo • Put Your TN/EP ID and contacts • Write near 50-100 mails per day
  12. 12. Initial Communication • Keep it clear • Be updated every few days • Keep a database of people who apply, they might be suitable for other TNs • Make sure you asked all the necessary questions about the EP before/during their interview
  13. 13. Acceptance Note Acceptance Note is an official document of accepting internship by EP and accepting EP by organization. Signed, stamped and scanned it is sent through e-mail by both sides. It is required to have a match in the system and to have a realization.
  14. 14. XPP Exchange Program Policies is an official document that regulates organization of exchange for EP, TN, sending LC, hosting LC, MC/AI For example the internship cannot aim to… a) Solely provide an opportunity for the intern to earn money; b) Provide a holiday; c) Act as a permanent career placement or recruitment opportunity. If the organization decides to extend the internship on a permanent basis, AIESEC will have no role in facilitating this; d) Provide permanent residence in the country of internship; e) Be an internal AIESEC leadership position (such as MC opportunities and AIESEC CEEDs), etc.
  15. 15. Use Local Cooperations! LC2LC Cooperation is an agreement between Ukrainian LC and LC from other country to have realizations in future. It can be set both for OGX or ICX. LC2LC Cooperation can be official (with the contracts signed) and unofficial (friendly agreement) Flow: Pre agreement (contract); Target recruitment
  16. 16. What do I need for the cooperation? • Enough time • Promo (content, JD, time) • Search tool, wiki • Video • Reception booklet • Contacts
  17. 17. Where to take contacts? • • Matching manias • Friends of friends
  18. 18. Creating a network • Exchange • Int’l conference • CEED • Incoming interns • Matching manias • Friends of friends
  19. 19. Matching TN process 1. Put TN form into the system 2. Send 100 e-mails to suitable EPs 3. When receiving e-mails from other EPs, ask them for CV, Motivation letter, EP Acceptance Note 4. Selection: mailing + interview 5. Receive EP Acceptance Note from Eps 6. You have 10 days to answer EPs, whether were selected or not (TN taker should decide) 7. If company/OCP of PBoX agree, put all needed stamps and signatures on TN acceptance note and send it back to EP. 8. Match 
  20. 20. Matching EP process 1. Have EP registered in the system 2. Send scanned contract and English certificate to NST OGX 3. Follow your LC2LC Cooperation 4. Or send 100 e-mails to suitable TNs 5. Go through selection process 6. Send your Acceptance Note 7. Receive TN Acceptance Note from TNs with stamp and signiture in next 10 days 8. Match 
  21. 21. The Secret for Matching 1. WORK HARD – Put your ass on the computer and MATCH! Approach all forms from my@net, Send thousands of e-mails and be fast for e-mail communication and approaching newly raised EPs or TNs!
  22. 22. The Secret for Matching 2. NETWORKING - The roots of matching is networking and relationship, the VP Xs are always the ones who know more people in the network, whom have more friends all over the world, that will be searched at IC, etc. So: create your network, through Facebook, gtalk, skype, mobile! and ensure you have constant communication with your X network! They are providing opportunities for you! And they can facilitate totally your matching!
  23. 23. The Secret for Matching 3- PERSISTENCE AND COMMITMENT TO RESULTS – Stop giving excuses that ppl do not answer your e- mails, that you are waiting for answers, that you are trying! You should be 100% Persistance, and for that… WRITE AGAIN, CALL TO THEM, SEND MESSAGE IN FACEBOOK …ACT!!!
  24. 24. Enjoy Matching OGX Ukraine Wiki: 186153 ICX Ukraine Wiki: 173873