Mulvey’s theory tyga vs bey


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Mulvey’s theory tyga vs bey

  1. 1. Mulvey’s theory VS
  2. 2. One video which supports Mulveys theory… Tyga-Rack City watch?v=AE3yia1AJeQ
  3. 3. How does it support Mulvey…• Tyga is the protagonist in the video and he is the centre of attention• According to Mulvey the male is presented as wealthy, strong, empowered and brave. This is shown through Tyga• Tyga is portrayed as wealthy as he is seen driving different expensive cars. For example• His wealth is also displayed through his costume, he is wearing a pile of gold chains around his neck, watches and bracelets up his arm, diamond ‘grills’ on his teeth etc. Also whilst he is driving he has security driving on motorcycles around him, showing firstly he is rich and secondly makes him seem ‘cool.• Tyga is portrayed as brave as firstly he is living in ‘Rack City’ which at the beginning of the song is described as the ‘most dangerous place on earth’ and the other male character in the video says to Tyga to ‘be careful out there’ but he still goes out there to get his girlfriend back from the villains• He is shown as skilled when he manages to steal all the gold from his opponents and escapes them weapon-less whilst there are shooting at him and firing missiles at him
  4. 4. …• Tyga is shown as attractive, he is wearing a sleeveless jacket which shows of his muscles showing us he is in shape, he is drenched in tattoos giving off a ‘tough guy’ demeanour• He is shown as the hero as he manages to get his girlfriend back from the villains even when it was just him versus a group on men, he escapes just in time before the building was about to blow up• Tyga is sexually empowered in this video, he is consistently surrounded by at least one female. The females in this video are sexualised and objectified, it is portrayed that Tyga owns the females in this video eg. When they are in the club, Tyga is chucking money at the women, provoking them to dance even more. The women in the club are wearing next to nothing, they are in bikinis whilst dancing on poles and around Tyga craving for his attention• The use of camera shots almost dehumanizes the females, as we hardly ever see their faces, only part of their bodies, eg bum, so to the viewers they are just seen as a body part not a person. When Chyna is walking past Tyga, there is a close up shot of her bum, this sexualises Chyna• The women in the video are clearly catering to men as there is only 2 men we see in the club, and a large amount of women dancing by themselves to appeal to the men. Its made clear in the video that Tyga gets the girls easily, as he is relaxed sitting on the sofa drinking, and these girls are coming on to him by whining on poles or giving him a lap dance
  5. 5. One video that doesn’t support Mulvey’s theory… Beyonce-Single Ladies http://www.yout v=4m1EFMoRFv Y
  6. 6. How does it not support Mulvey…• Firstly it goes against Mulvey’s theory as there is NO males character at all• The song itself is about being single, this shows the females in the video as empowered and independent. They are clearly not craving male attention as they are promoting womenhood and independence• The female, Beyonce, is the centre of attention which goes against Mulveys theory as she said that the male is the centre of attention• Although Beyonce and the two back up dancers are wearing revealing clothing, there is not much sexual reference eg. No close up shots of their body parts. They are not sexualised, the women are portrayed as embracing their sexuality, rather than being exploited• The females look like they are in control, they look tall and strong as they are dancing and enjoying themselves, even through the lyrics its clear they are in control eg ‘acting up, drink in my cup, I could care less what you think’• There was a shot used during the middle of the video which was from down below, this portrayed the females as if we was looking up at them and that they are bigger, this enhanced their power• The women are taking control of the situation, which again is clear through the lyrics, the male was not treating her how she deserved and wanted to be treated so she left him, and now she is proud to be a ‘single lady’