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Presentation project final 1

  1. 1. Quick Screen Share The simplest way to share screens Maryam Jassem AlNeaimi 200915853 COL 270-007
  2. 2. What is Quick Screen share? Quick Screen Share was created to provide a super easy way to share screens with anyone with no registration.Where -Advantages In what How Quick videocan we conditions and screen share -Disadvantagesfind the situations do work?quick we use Quickscreen screen share?share?
  3. 3. Quick Screen ShareAdvantages Disadvantages-It does not require downloading. It is afree program. -It might not work in corporate environments, or any security-No registration. You can start sharing your place.screen by just clicking start. -Sometimes the connection gets-It works on both Mac and Windows. slow.- It lets you remotely control mouse andkeyboard.
  4. 4. Video
  5. 5. How Quick screen share work?• Quick Screen Share works on Windows and Maccomputers.• Quick Screen Share does not require any type ofdownloading.For more information here are the steps, click on thequestion mark or the video below.Steps video
  6. 6. In what conditions and situations do we useQuick screen share?Quick Screen Share is one of the simplest ways to share screen for severalreasons:-Facing some problems while working on your personal computer, QuickScreen Share is the easiest way to solve it.-If a person needs to show and share anything with his/her friends, you canshare your screen with them as well.For more information click on the video button below video
  7. 7.  Where can we find the quick screen share?Go to the main website of the Quick Screen Share which is:
  8. 8. Here are the steps of how Quick Screen Share Works:Screener Illustrations Screener Illustrations
  9. 9. Step 11- Go to the main website of Quick Screen Share.2- Enter your name that will be shown to your friend.3- Once they load the URL ,click OK they will see the app starting up and as soon as a connection is made youll get a window that pops up showing your friends computer screen. Illustrations
  10. 10.  Step 1 - Screener1-
  11. 11. Illustrations
  12. 12.  Step 21-As you mouse around the window, your friend will see a blue box showing where your mouse is.2-Request to share control of your friends computer, as long as they dont move the mouse you get to control the remote computer using your mouse and keyboard. Illustrations
  13. 13.  Screener4-
  14. 14. Illustrations
  15. 15. Survey Home
  16. 16.  Bibliography1- www.surveymonkey.com4-