Custom Messaging Fills Communications Gaps with SoundCare & ChannelCare


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Connecting employees, physicians, patients and their families,
SMH uses both Vericom’s SoundCare on-hold messaging and
ChannelCare™ digital signage to communicate effectively with
diverse audiences both
on- and off-campus.

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Custom Messaging Fills Communications Gaps with SoundCare & ChannelCare

  1. 1. Custom Messaging Fills Communications Gaps for Southeast Missouri Hospital Southeast Missouri Hospital (SMH), Cape Girardeau, Missouri, is a Magnet-designated 267 bed regional medical complex. Connecting employees, physicians, patients and their families, SMH uses both Vericom’s SoundCare® on-hold messaging and ChannelCare™ digital signage to communicate effectively with diverse audiences both on- and off-campus. Closing the Communications Gap 800.800.1090
  2. 2. 2 Southeast Missouri Hospital (SMH) launched sustainable communications platform that provided ChannelCare™digital signage in 2008 with 36 essential information we needed to routinely monitor locations and immediately began delivering get to our audiences,” says Quinn. “We knew the messages about patient safety, community health ChannelCare system would be able to support our screenings, physician referral services, employee communications objectives for years to come. By recognition, and even included jokes submitted effectively reaching audiences within your four walls, by employees to “brighten” the day. SoundCare® you add value to a relationship that may have been on-hold messaging was also implemented at the simply casual.” same time to deliver marketing and informational messages to callers placed on hold—an often- overlooked and captive audience. “We knew the ChannelCare system would be able to support our communications objectives for years to come.” Candace Quinn Senior Strategist and Strategic Consultant “Both SoundCare and ChannelCare elevate the professional image of the hospital by demonstrating the hospital’s adoption of advanced digital technology. This is a significant benefit for SMH.” Keith Whitworth, Marketing Manager Eliminating paper and supporting “Go Green” initiatives ChannelCare has reduced the dependency on posters, easels, and tacked-up messages that used Supporting strategic initiatives to be scattered throughout the hospital. In the past, in the event of a meeting schedule change, A strategic consultant to Southeast Missouri, someone from the hospital’s education department Candace Quinn of Brand = Experience helped to would physically walk over to each building to tack bring ChannelCare on board to provide high-tech up a message. “ChannelCare eliminated this manual, digital communications that would seamlessly ineffective system and gives us a high-tech image integrate with and support strategic initiatives. “By with the added benefit of updating information in partnering with Vericom, we were able to offer a real time,” says Keith Whitworth, marketing manager. 800.800.1090
  3. 3. 3 “We can do a direct mail piece one time, and A communications partnership subsequently follow up with messages on both ChannelCare™ and SoundCare®. This message The ChannelCare system includes easy-to-use, reinforcement is quite effective as well as helps web-based software where users can create and with our “go green” initiatives,” adds Whitworth. upload their own content, have Vericom develop ChannelCare’s ten different program channels high-definition content, as well as choose messages enable marketing to ensure content is unique and from the ChannelCare health content library. “We relevant to different audiences. The messages make appreciate the fact that Vericom is receptive to our sense to viewers where they are, so they can easily ideas about how they can improve their software respond and take appropriate action. “ChannelCare to enhance the client experience,” says Whitworth. is one of our key marketing tactics. It allows us “Vericom is all about the customer and service. I to focus on product line promotion where we cannot think of another vendor who contacts me to consistently use call-to-action that gets results,” get my input on the software and their system.“ says Whitworth. SMH has an in-house design team who creates ChannelCare messages and then easily uploads them into the ChannelCare system. “Our designers enjoy creating ChannelCare messages. They are not restricted as they are with designing a brochure and can be very creative, yet keep our similar look and branding,” says Whitworth. Southeast marketing also ensures message consistency across all media by taking messages already created for outside digital billboards and uploading these messages into ChannelCare. To round out the many options for content development, the marketing team also works with Vericom’s design team to create high-definition collaboration messages they can use at any time. “The ability to use already-created billboard messages via ChannelCare is very cost-effective. Connecting off-campus locations For instance, when people see a message about our physician referral service on the drive here, and Connecting off-site locations is important to then the same message at the hospital, they’re more communicating effectively and ensuring branding likely to remember it and take action, “ says Jay Wolz, consistency. SMH has a wellness center located supervisor of market management. inside the West Park Mall where ChannelCare provides messaging similar to what plays at on- campus locations. “ChannelCare is an important extension of our branding that enhances our community recognition,” says Whitworth. “This increased presence has helped increase the number of people who register for blood pressure and diabetes screenings, among others.” 800.800.1090
  4. 4. 4 ChannelCare helps prepare for surveys and visits As a Magnet-designated hospital for nursing excellence, SMH is in a constant state of survey- readiness, helping employees prepare for surveyors who come to assess the facility. Marketing created ChannelCare messages to remind employees and staff about upcoming visits to put them in the frame of mind of “thinking Magnet.” Messages provide passive learning and reinforce what people need to Reaching calling audiences first know— such as “the 14 forces of magnetism.” These with SoundCare® messages energize employees and get everyone on the same page, keeping the issue front-of-mind. Both SoundCare® and ChannelCare™ elevate the status and image of SMH. “SoundCare’s professional ChannelCare also helps staff prepare for Joint voices are outstanding and because of the way Commission visits by displaying, “What would you do messages engage callers, they have no idea how in case of fire?” for example. ”Enhancing employee long they are holding,” says Whitworth. communications is a constant work in progress,” says Quinn. “All organizations face obstacles when Southeast’s marketing team focuses on seasonal it comes to getting important, consistent messages messages, key product lines, as well as customizes to staff and physicians. With ChannelCare, we can and tags messages selected from the SoundIdeas reach these audiences with messages designed just content library. Readily available messages in the for them, in addition to marketing messages, and library include signs of stroke that can be tagged engage employees through a more with call-to-action to drive people to their on-line dynamic medium.” stroke risk analysis. When SMH received their 5-star rating from HealthGrades, they were able to take a SoundIdeas message on stroke and tag it with their new HealthGrades designation. “We always look at what messages work best with a particular call-to- action. We want to ensure our callers can take action quickly and easily,” says Whitworth. “We get a lot of support from Vericom and, as a result, can do so much more and be involved in technological developments and product enhancements. As a customer, this makes us feel important and highly valued.” For more information on ChannelCare digital signage and SoundCare on-hold messaging, call 800-800-1090, email Keith Whitworth, Marketing Manager or visit 800.800.1090 Closing the Communications Gap