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Volunteering...for Gunston Middle School Students, 2013


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This is for a presentation to Gunston Middle School students about how I came to volunteer in the environmental education field with Cooperative Extension. I present the benefits of volunteering, some volunteer options for teens in Arlington and students participate in a collaborative activity

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Volunteering...for Gunston Middle School Students, 2013

  1. 1. Volunteering… Mary Van Dyke January 2013 @ Gunston Middle School
  2. 2. …my story
  3. 3. …connects you to others• Make new friends• Be part of a group
  4. 4. …is good for you• Increases self-esteem• Promotes healthy activity• Helping others helps you
  5. 5. …can enhance your life• Teaches you new skills and builds existing ones• Provides hands-on experience for college and work
  6. 6. …brings fun and fulfillment• Explore your interests and passions• Be there because you want to be!
  7. 7. TO VOLUNTEER SUCCESSFULLY Identify your interests • What do you enjoy doing? • What organizations offer the experience you are looking for?
  8. 8. teen opportunities What are some options in Arlington?
  9. 9. Contact info: Mary Van Dyke 571 425 5278 Virginia Cooperative Extension Volunteer, 4-H and JMG