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Presentation to APS Science Staff, 15 February, 2011

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Technology and Trees.ppt

  1. 1. Technology and Trees Presentation for APS Science Staff Mary Van Dyke, 15 Feb 2011
  2. 2. A Schoolyard Tree Project • Tree ID • Tree Inventory • Calculate Tree Benefits Online • Map Trees on Google Maps
  3. 3. Why?• Science SOLs • Multi-disciplinary – 4.8 Virginia’s Natural – Tree biology Resources – Urban ecology – 4.5 Ecosystems – Classification – 5.1 Classification key – Quantitative skills (counting• Technology and project- and measuring) based learning – Resources and stewardship• Educate students about urban forests
  4. 4. Technology and Trees - Logistics• Costs and Materials - Minimal Investment – Tree ID books – Diameter “DBH” tapes – Cameras – Computers – Resources Online• Class Time – 4 x 45 min lessons minimum• When – Late March to October optimum
  5. 5. Tree ID• Draw favorite trees from memory, or write a poem• Go outside, look at trees• Identify trees• Make leaf albums
  6. 6. Tree Inventory Trees in the APS Syphax Building Parking LotTeam: APS StaffDate: 2/15/2011 Diameter at Condition: Breast Good, Fair,Tree # Species Height, DBH or Dead Eastern1 Redbud Fair Callery or2 Bradford Pear Fair Eastern White3 Pine Good Evergreen,4 small Good Eastern Red5 Cedar Good
  7. 7. Tree Benefitso Storm-water Runoff Reductiono Property Valueo Energy Reductiono Air Quality Improvemento CO2 Sequestrationo Wildlife Habitat Benefitso Social Benefitso Timber Value
  8. 8. $$ Tree Benefits• Fairfax County estimates its trees provide $54 million of “ecosystem services” annually. (2007).• Arlington County estimates its trees provide $1.8 million in air pollution control and over $6.8 million in storm-water control annually. (2004)• Healthy, mature trees can add 10% to residential property values.
  9. 9. $$ Tree Benefits - Online National Tree Benefits Calculator NB Use Firefox or Explorer (not Chrome) List of Tree Benefits and Trees on the National Tree Benefits CalculatorTree Species DBH Stormwater Property Energy: Air CO2 Overall# (inches) Interception Value Electricity Quality Reduction Benefits $ Savings Raised and Gas Benefits Annually Savings1 Eastern 10 $ 7.07 $ 6.05 $ 5.10 $ 3.08 $ 1.49 About $ 23 Redbud 714 gallons $6 40 kwh See 205 lbs 2 therms online graph
  10. 10. Tree Map - Google Maps Steps: 1. Identify tree, photo, measure DBH, record data 2. Research tree attributes and calculate tree benefits 3. Locate site or schoolyard on Google Maps 4. Find your tree and add to the Google Map with attributesAPS Syphax Building Parking Lot and benefits
  11. 11. E.g. ATS Schoolyard Garden
  12. 12. E.g. Wilson Park Tree Survey• Virginia Museum of Natural History• Use Google blogspot to inventory trees• Then link to Google Maps
  13. 13. ResourcesTREE ID, INVENTORY, MAPS TREE CURRICULUM and LESSONSThe Sibley Guide to Trees, David Sibley ($40) • Growing Native Curriculum - Potomac WatershedCommon Native Trees of Virginia, Virginia Department of Forestry ($2 each) • Wood Magic - A wood science curriculum for nine• FORSite Basics of Tree ID to eleven year olds• The FORSite website has links to: • Two lessons on Tree ID Resources via Elizabeth• 4-H Key to Leaves of Virginia Trees Ablott. Could be updated with the info in this ppt. – rcid=0BwBQ0686r6g-• Dendrology at Virginia Tech ZmQ5YTViY2MtM2FlNS00NWNhLTkzZmEtOGMwZTljNDVk MGQx&hl=en – • Casey Trees - click on ROOTS pdf on link below• The VT Dendrology website has links to:• Dichotomous Leaf and Twig Keys planting/index.php – • Make Your Own Diameter Tapes• Tree Fact Sheets – _your_own_diameter_tape.pdf s.cfm • Project Learning Tree- enrichment lessons• TreeStewards of Arlington and Alexandria – #21 Adopt a Tree• Tree Benefits and List of Trees for National Tree Benefit # 67 How Big is Your Tree? Calculator # 68 Name That Tree SCHOOL-BASED TREE NURSERIES gTsrQoBI0afoQLgJ-t7FM/edit?hl=en&authkey=CI6PhZ8L# • Jim Egenrieder, School-Based Grow Out Stations• Tree Benefit Calculator use Firefox browser BasedGOS-1.pdf• Wilson Park Tree Survey, Virginia Museum of Natural • Mary Van Dyke, How to Set up a Tree Nursery History, Martinsville VA - P5XRpgiZe_05Zekf7ewDlC4/edit?hl=en&authkey=CIGD4YsC• ATS Schoolyard Garden Map - email #
  14. 14. Thanks!Lisa Deaton, Ellen Powell, Barbara White, Jim McGlone Virginia Department of ForestryEric Wiseman Asst. Prof. Urban Forestry Dept of Forest Resources & Environmental Conservation, Virginia TechDenny Casey Director of Education and Public Programs Virginia Museum of Natural HistoryCarol Herwig, Sue Erhardt, Tom Buckley Casey Trees, Washington DCCaroline Temmermand, Jamie Bartalon, Patrick Wegeng Landscape and Forestry, Arlington CountyNora Palmatier, Larry Finch, Steve Campbell Tree Stewards of Arlington AlexandriaElizabeth Ablott, Alison Sheahan Arlington Public SchoolsJim Egenrieder Arlington Public Schools, Virginia Tech Further info contact: Mary Van Dyke,, 571 425 5278