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Outdoor Learning What Clicks With Kids


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outdoor learning, environmental education, STEM, green STEM

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Outdoor Learning What Clicks With Kids

  1. 1. Outdoor Learning: What Clicks with Kids in the School Garden?Jamestown Elementary School Staff Mary Van Dyke & Caroline Haynes April 12, 2012
  2. 2. Multi-Disciplinary Project Examples• Journal• Plant Sale• One small Square• How Much is that Tree? Tree Eco-Benefits• Colonial Garden• Vegetables: Grow Eat Learn• When? Tulips, Dandelions…• I Like Bugs
  3. 3. Journal
  4. 4. Plant Sale
  5. 5. One small Square
  6. 6. How Much is that Tree?Tree Eco-Benefits - iTree
  7. 7. Colonial Garden
  8. 8. Vegetables: Grow Eat Learn
  9. 9. When? Tulips, Dandelions…
  10. 10. I Like Bugs
  11. 11. Let’s Celebrate!
  12. 12. Thanks Scan for Linkedin profileContact: Mary Van Dyke, 571 425 5278