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Environmental Literacy - For Terry McAuliffe


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On Earth Day 2015, Governor Terry McAuliffe launched an Environmental Literacy Challenge to the Virginia community. Here are notes to the Governor by Mary Van Dyke in words and images.

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Environmental Literacy - For Terry McAuliffe

  1. 1. Environmental  Literacy          For  Terry  McAuliffe            By  Mary  Van  Dyke               July  2015  
  2. 2. We  read   Mary  Van  Dyke  
  3. 3. Mary  Van  Dyke  
  4. 4. Read  the  landscape   Mary  Van  Dyke  
  5. 5. Energy,  climate   Rock,  water,  sky      Link  A  to  B       Lifelines   Between  this  and  that      Drawn  in  the  sand   Mary  Van  Dyke  
  6. 6. Or  snow   Mary  Van  Dyke  
  7. 7. Legible  or  not  Mary  Van  Dyke  
  8. 8. We  glimpse  signs  Allan  D’Arcangelo   Smithsonian  American  Art  Museum  
  9. 9. Design  is  business  Mary  Van  Dyke  
  10. 10. Good  design     is  good  business  Mary  Van  Dyke  
  11. 11. The  schoolyard   Maple  unwatered   Sapsucker  drinks   Rings  the  tree   Sweet  sap     Mary  Van  Dyke  
  12. 12. The  schoolyard   Maple  unwatered   Sapsucker  drinks   Rings  the  tree   Sweet  sap     Sweet  sap     Aphid  food   Ladybugs  eat   Lay  eggs     Larvae  feast   Mary  Van  Dyke  
  13. 13. The  tree  dies   Stressed   Lifecycles   Reinvest     Read   Decode   Tell  and  sell   Stories   Mary  Van  Dyke  
  14. 14. Listen  to  the  stones   Run,  climb,  touch  to   Integrate  art  and  science   Mary  Van  Dyke  
  15. 15. Read   Understand     Speak  about  place  and  time     This  is  the  challenge  Mary  Van  Dyke  
  16. 16. The  Governor’s     Environmental  Literacy  Challenge   •  Enable    teachers  to     “improve  their  ability   to  use  the  environment   as  a  context  for  learning   in  and  out  of  the  classroom”     •  Enhance  school-­‐wide   sustainability  efforts   within  the  SOL  framework   Governor  and  Mrs  McAuliffe  at  Pocahontas  State  Park   Planting  Garden  for  Monarch  Butterflies,  April  22  2015  
  17. 17. Mary  Van  Dyke   •  Trained  as  architect   •  Lives  in  Virginia   •  Master  Naturalist     •  Visiting  Horticulturalist  at   Jamestown  School  in  Arlington   •  Blogs  at  Green  STEM  Learning     In  all  things  of  Nature     there  is  something  marvelous    -­‐  Aristotle   Lloyd  Wolf  
  18. 18. Thank  You   Mary  Van  Dyke   Mary  Van  Dyke  
  19. 19. Photo  Credits   Blue  Ridge  Horses,  Mary  Van  Dyke   Sand  and  Sky,  Mary  Van  Dyke   Snow  Heart,  Mary  Van  Dyke   Tuckahoe  School  Cabin  Sign,  Mary  Van  Dyke   US  Highway  1,    Allan  D’Arcangelo   Smithsonian  American  Art  Museum   Market  Seller,  Mary  Van  Dyke   Sapsucker  Maple  Tree,  Arlington  Traditional  School,     Mary  Van  Dyke   Listening  to  Stonehenge,  Mary  Van  Dyke   Jamestown  School  teacher  and  student,  Mary  Van  Dyke   Governor  and  Mrs  McAuliffe,  Earth  Day  April  22  2015,   Michaele  White,  Governor’s  Office   Mary  Van  Dyke,  Volunteer  Arlington,  Lloyd  Wolf   Listening  in  the  Landscape,  Mary  Van  Dyke