ELCs Building Success Presentation


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Presentation for Stafford County Extension Leadership Council (ELC) using examples from Arlington and Alexandria Extension Leadership Council: Communication Tools, Marketing, Networking, Retreat and Strategic Plan, Appreciative Inquiry, Advocacy with Legislators and Elected Officials

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ELCs Building Success Presentation

  1. 1. ELCs Building Success Stafford County ELC Mary Van Dyke Arlington & Alexandria ELC December 2012
  2. 2. What is an ELC?Extension Leadership Council● Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Mission Enable people to improve their lives through an educational process that uses scientific knowledge focused on issues and needs● Extension Leadership Council (ELC) Mission Implement programs that direct Extensions resources toward the resolution of identified issues and concerns● ELC Vision ○ Diverse group of staff and volunteers that discuss issues and needs ○ Determine action and program areas ○ Assist in evaluating and reporting results ○ Advocate for local, private, state and federal funds, staff and resources
  3. 3. ELC and its Members● Marketing for Membership● Membership Committee● Invite people from all sectors ○ Continual process ○ Orientation, retention ○ Meetings● Communication
  4. 4. ELC Meetings● Invite speakers on various topics ○ Environmental/Energy issues ○ Health ○ Finance ○ ELC and VCE management
  5. 5. Promotion in the Community● Marketing Tools ○ e.g. bookmark, flyers ○ volunteer badges for ELC● Networking ○ Chamber of Commerce ○ Leadership groups● Communication and Development Committee● Social Media, Website, Blog, FB
  6. 6. Appreciative Inquiry - Our Wishes● Annual Retreat - extra meeting● Different techniques● Reflect● Create Annual ELC Strategic Plan
  7. 7. Legislative Outreach and Advocacy● Legislative Breakfast ○ Themes and speakers● County Fair● Community Forum● State Budget Hearings ○ 3 minutes, benefits
  8. 8. Meetings with Legislators andElected Officials● Agenda● Public Value Statements● Data for Legislators and Elected Officials
  9. 9. Thank You!Mary Van DykeChair, Arlington & Alexandria ELCmaryvandyke4@gmail.com571 425 5278
  10. 10. Selected Online Resources:National Resourceshttp://www.extension.org/ ○ Public Value Statements http://extension.missouri.edu/staff/publicvalue/ http://extension.missouri.edu/staff/documents/publicvalue/FFE_PV_listing_format_Final. pdfVA State Resources:http://www.ext.vt.edu/http://future.ext.vt.edu/ ○ Blog templates http://blogs.ext.vt.edu/template1/ http://blogs.ext.vt.edu/template2/ http://blogs.ext.vt.edu/template3/ http://blogs.ext.vt.edu/template4/
  11. 11. Selected Online Resources:Local Resources: Arlington and AlexandriaArlington & Alexandria ELC Brochure 2012 - one page flyer - http://goo.gl/McKp7One Minute about Arlington & Alexandria Extension: Elevator Pitch - http://goo.gl/hkrc4Arlington & Alexandria bookmark 2011-12 http://goo.gl/sWmBlog template - prefer template 4 -http://blogs.ext.vt.edu/template4/Pilot blog at http://arl-alexvce.blogspot.comLegislative Breakfast 2010 - compiled SWOT http://goo.gl/G4UIGLegislative Breakfast 2011 - data state and local http://goo.gl/AR6W0Legislative Breakfast 2011- notes http://goo.gl/0ME9rAppreciative Inquiry (AI) Questionnaire - http://goo.gl/u8BEUExamples of AI compiled answers - http://goo.gl/T65vNAI in use - Three Wishes for the Arlington & Alexandria ELC 2012 http://goo.gl/2DPBlank Agenda for ELC meetings with Elected Officials/Legislators 2012(includes public value figures, volunteer data, notes) http://goo.gl/p0sPublic Value Statements based on Missouri PVS info http://goo.gl/cKehM