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Going social: Ten elements of building digital relationships


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A few basics about using social media tools to build and strengthen relationships with customers and influencers online. Developed for workshop in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. December 2013. By Mary Trigiani.

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Going social: Ten elements of building digital relationships

  2. 2. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends
  3. 3. converse follow curate link BUILDING DIGITAL RELATIONSHIPS share
  4. 4. stakeholders location story content BUILDING DIGITAL RELATIONSHIPS community
  5. 5. Hub and spoke User experience Followers Story BRAND Content Heroes Channels
  6. 6. Business-to-Business [b2b] Email Events Website Blog eBooks
  7. 7. Business-to-Business [b2b] Media relations Blog Speeches
  8. 8. Business-to-Consumer [b2c] Email Events
  9. 9. Business-to-Consumer [B2C] Events Email
  10. 10. You plan to sell via the Internet
  11. 11. Your customers need a good place to find you
  12. 12. You are marketing via email
  13. 13. Your customers need you to look established
  14. 14. You like to write
  15. 15. You have good customer stories
  16. 16. You have opinions or facts to share
  17. 17. You can write or publish at least once a week
  18. 18. You read a lot of other people’s work on the Internet
  19. 19. Internet traffic will help sales
  20. 20. Your customers and competitors “live” online
  21. 21. You know the networks your customers and competitors use
  22. 22. You like to use social media
  23. 23. You need to fuel your customer base and reputation
  24. 24. You and your team can sustain your activity
  25. 25. You can link it to existing activities
  26. 26. Resources            Getting started: A guide to startup marketing Emailing: A list of email programs Blogging: A list of blogging services Hashtagging: How to use hashtags Social media toolkits: HubSpot Building a brand online: Branding Strategy Insider Hub and Spoke marketing model RSS: Subscribing to newsfeeds from websites Telling a digital story Search engine optimization Marketing in general: