Horblit Health Sciences Library Nursing Middle Range Theory
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encouragement, physiological
                                      sensations and exposure to
among Jordanian women.
                                    Conceptualized within
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Middle Range Theory


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Middle Range Theory

  1. 1. Horblit Health Sciences Library Nursing Middle Range Theory & Applications visit the Library for articles on these theories Middle Range Theory Theorist/s Idea Application Complementary Nursing Therapies for Pain and Stress: Acute Pain Management Relaxation and Music for Provide clinicians with (Adults) Postoperative Pain; Stress and prescriptions for pain Goode & Immunity; and Integrated reduction and a Moore Research Reviews. conceptual basis for pain interventions. CHANGE study Great Lakes GIT Assist nurses in managing Provide clinicians clinical pain and to expand with prescriptions for Acute Pain Management Huth & the knowledge and research pain reduction and a (Children) Moore base in children's pain. conceptual basis for pain interventions. Escape Artists Influenced by Roy’s adaptation Adaptation to Chronic model. Adaptation leads to coping Dunn, K Pain skills. Karen S Dunn Focuses on wholeness of person, Examines contemporary Advancing Technology, as influenced by technology. technology in mainstream Locsin, R Caring and Nursing health care and its impact Advancing technology, caring, and on the quality of that care. nursing Connecting with self-in-relation through intentional dialogue to Patient-centered dialogue Attentively Embracing Liehr & Smith create ease. as a means to finding Story solace. Attentively Embracing Story Provides framework for organizing observations of patient Behavioral systems and behavior, increasing consistency Increase interdisciplinary Auger, J and continuity of care. communication in nursing healthcare. A Patient classification system based on the behavioral system model of nursing Caregiver Effectiveness Smith et al. Influenced by Roy. Identifies Promotes proactive Model factors that influence patient and intervention for increasing caregiver outcomes when quality of life.
  2. 2. technology is present. The Efficiency of Families Providing Ventilator Care at Home Grounded in a relational ontology Holistic, family-centered of being-in-relation, and a world approach in advanced Caring Theory Watson, J view of unity and connectedness caring. of All. Loving and Caring Nurses can plan Provides a framework for interventions that understanding and working with recognize it as a Eakes, Burke, people following a single or normal reaction, Chronic Sorrow & Hainsworth ongoing loss. promote healthy adaptation, and Middle-range theory of chronic sorrow provide empathetic support. As patients and families are strengthened by actions of nurses, Comfort Kolcaba, K. they can better engage in health Nurse-sensitive outcomes. seeking behaviors. The Comfort Line Health promotion and disease Model offers management strategies can improve opportunities for intensive Community Hildebrandt & outcomes through the development of education, assessment, self-care management, behavior Empowerment Persily intervention, and support change, and skill building. Domestic Violence and Pregnancy in Rural West throughout healthcare Virginia process. Specifies focus of inquiry and may thus lead to the development of Can affect how Conceptual Model for theories which will prove useful nurses care for Adam, E not only to nurses but to other patients in a time- Nursing health professionals as well. effective and cost- efficient manner. J Adv Nurs. 1983 Jan;8(1):41-5 Stresses teamwork, biocultural Helps the caregiver ecology and workforce issues, in provide culturally providing culturally sensitive and acceptable care that Cultural Competence Purnell, L competent care to improve client improves clients' outcomes. satisfaction and health status. Purnell's Model Deliberative Nursing Orlando, IJ Sees nursing as the means of Focuses on Process communication
  3. 3. providing direct assistance to within the nurse- individuals to avoid, relieve, client relationship diminish, or cure the person's and identifies the sense of helplessness. validation process as essential to effective Ida Jean Orlando's Nursing Process nursing care. Theory Nurses alter the Expresses a new unifying idea environment so about the phenomenon of peaceful family would have Ruland & end of life for terminally ill the privacy with End of Life Care patients. Moore patient or so that various religious or Theory construction based on standards cultural customs of care could be enacted. Triangulation of Orem's self-care deficit theory of nursing, the trans- theoretical model of exercise Exercise reduces the Exercise as Self Care Ulbrich, S. behavior, and characteristics of a risk of cardiovascular population at risk for CVD. disease (CVD) and promotes health. Nursing Practice Theory of Exercise as Self-Care Protective factors Acute stressors, when help families survive Family Stress and LoBiondo- accumulated, could lead to family multiple contextual crises. stressors, and to Adaptation Wood, G competently parent ABCX Model of Family Stress (Hill) despite chronic and acute stressors. A result of studying the adaptation A personality resource comprising of response of (a) the commitment dimension, (b) individuals to chronic Health-related Hardiness Pollock, S. the control dimension, and (c) the illnesses such as challenge domain. The health-related hardiness scale and AU Pollock diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and rheumatoid arthritis. Heuristic device that encourages Can be used as a scholars to integrate variables that basis for structuring Health Promotion Pender, N. have been shown to impact health nursing protocols and behavior. Health Promotion Model interventions. Holistic self-care model Popkess- Uses Apter’s Reversal Theory as a Combines the (Weight loss) Vawter, S basis for cognitive restructuring to successful physical, identify negative self-talk that can cognitive, and lead to overeating. psychological essentials of healthy
  4. 4. approaches for weight reduction as a Concept Analysis: Holism means of promoting weight control. To help female patients avoid the A new instrument to measure inner weight gain, strength in women with chronic depression, anxiety illness. Inner strength is defined as a and other issues that Inner Strength in Women Roux, G central human resource that promotes commonly occur well-being and healing. inner strength after cancer and AU Roux treatment and during treatment of other chronic illnesses. The model defines the May identify new interactive and collective determinants of contributions of a survivor, health-related family, and provider to behavior that can be adherence to protocols, targeted to protect Interaction Model Cox, C reduction of risk behavior, the health of and promotion of health- childhood cancer protective behavior. A Model of survivors and reduce Health Behavior to Guide Studies of their risk of late Childhood Cancer Survivors sequelae. Most useful to apply during nursing Provides framework to facilitate Interpersonal Relations practice in order to Peplau, MR nurse-patient interactions. Model understand nurse- Interpersonal relations and AU Peplau patient interactive phenomena. A theoretical explanation to account for the process of change; includes Help patients with chronic Learned Response to perceived severity of illness, illnesses learn to respond Braden, CJ Chronic Illness Theory limitation, uncertainty enabling skill, so that their health self-help and life quality. Overcoming outcomes improve. violence, depression and HIV Explains the mechanisms Explains why care is through which suffering the contextual affects an individual's sense framework through Mastery over stress Younger, J of community and which alienation is connectedness with others. reversed and Mastery over stress and AU connectedness Younger achieved. Maternal Identity Rubin, R The stages of MI are (1) Help patients adjust seeking safe passage; (2) to, endure, and ensuring the acceptance of usefully integrate the child by others; (3) health problem
  5. 5. binding in or bonding with the fetus; and (4) learning to give of oneself. Stepping Up: What's New: situations. Stress in Pregnancy & Motherhood Readiness. The nurse tries to make sense of his or This Glasserian grounded theory her experiences study utilized volunteer and through Moral Reckoning in Nathaniel, A purposive sampling to recruit a remembering, telling Nursing sample of 21 registered nurses. the story, examining Moral reckoning in nursing conflicts, and living with the consequences. Therapeutic use of self with Expert nurse's Nurse As Wounded Conti-O'Hare, addicted clients in early recovery. mutual health Healer M The Theory of The Nurse As Wounded patterning with the Healer client. Dreyfus model of skill acquisition and applied it to Unites the practice of Nursing expertise Benner, P nursing, with Lazarus and nursing and the Heidegger. nursing expertise patient’s perspective. and AU Benner Nurse-expressed Uses Orlando's Theory of the Olson & Faith community, times of empathy and patient Deliberative Nursing Process. Joanne Hanchett transition, public health. outcomes K. Olson The pivotal role early Protocols to help intervention therapy can play health care workers in preventing later problems assess infant Parent-Child Interaction Barnard, K in behavior, cognition and development and Model emotional development. intervene to promote Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) parent-infant Feeding & Teaching Scales interaction. It is important to Links psychological processes and the nursing as it offers immune system. underpinning theory PNI Nursing Theory Bennett, M Psychoneuroimmunology and AU to support good Bennett caring and empathetic nursing. Using Colaizzi's methodology, a theoretical model of quality that Humanistic approach Quality of nursing care Larrabee J provides a framework for to improving patient understanding health care quality. satisfaction. AU larrabee and quality Reimaging (body image Norris, Kunes- Physical alterations in Assist clients:
  6. 6. appearance or functioning anticipate potential have the potential to needs or problems, Connel, & influence self-esteem. Reimaging provide information disruption) after an alteration in appearance or and support, and Stockard function involved 3 phases with explore alternative assimilation, accommodation, and problem solving interpretation strategies. Resilience is a four-dimensional Transform stressful construct consistent with the experiences of Resilience Polk, L simultaneity paradigm of nursing patients into science. resilience and theory and opportunities for nursing increased growth. Extending primarily from the illness Constellation Model and Preserving Recovery and Self, a five-stage model, the theory rehabilitation may be Responding to Threats to focuses on the individual and how the used for Morse, J individual seeks self-comforting Integrity of Self understanding and strategies to mediate the experience. Insight, Inference, Evidence, and supporting patient Verification: Creating a Legitimate responses. Discipline Understanding a A substantive theory of client's experience restructuring identified three while attempting Restructuring: An stages in the process of losing behavior change is emerging theory on the Johnson, R weight. These stages and key crucial for the elements of the weight loss development of process of weight loss process are presented. interventions that Restructuring and emerging address difficult and theory and weight loss costly health behaviors. To provide appropriate health care interventions for Provide appropriate nontraditional mothers so health care Role Attainment Mercer, R they could successfully attain intervention for a strong maternal identity. nontraditional Becoming a mother versus maternal role mothers. attainment Self-control is a limited and Interventions should consumable resource much be aimed at helping Self Control Strength O'Connell, K like the strength of a muscle. quitters conserve Self-Control Depletion during Smoking their self-control Cessation resources. Self-efficacy Resnick, B Self-efficacy expectations and Help motivate older outcome are not only adults to adhere to influenced by behavior, but health care. also by verbal
  7. 7. encouragement, physiological sensations and exposure to role models. Barbara Resnick Using Martha Rogers' conceptual model and lifespan developmental Human beings have theory to provide the conceptual the potential to Self Transcendence Reed, P perspective on spirituality in integrate difficult life Nursing. self transcendence and AU situations. Reed Discrepancy between Patient’s distress expected and experienced during and after physical sensations during a surgery or invasive Sensation Theory Johnson, J threatening experience will procedures could be result in distress. Studies and their reduced by patient Hypotheses teaching. Helping people Studies the power relationship recover their personal story of between nurses and the people in Tidal Model Barker, P distress, as a first their care. Clarifying the Value Base of step towards Recovery reclaiming control over their lives. Improvements in The theory explains how cognitive reframing, people construct meaning for cancer knowledge, illness events, with patient-health care Uncertainty Mishel, M uncertainty indicating the provider absence of meaning. communication, and uncertainty theory and AU Mishel a variety of coping skills. Accurate representation of the Lenz, Pugh, complexity and interactive nature of Help patients to Unpleasant Symptoms Milligan, Gift, the symptom experience. The middle- better control over & Suppe range theory of unpleasant symptoms: their symptoms. an update. Utilization of Health Mikhail, B A person will take a health-related Used with great Belief Model action if that person: feels that a success for almost negative health condition can be half a century to promote greater avoided, has a positive expectation condom use, seat that by taking a recommended belt use, BSE, action, she will avoid a negative medical compliance, health condition, and believes that and health screening she can successfully take a use. recommended health action. Factors associated with breast self-examination
  8. 8. among Jordanian women. Conceptualized within Leininger's caring framework, Help to care for the Vigilance (Nursing theory this examines the experience Carr, J patient as well as the of) of family members staying at loved ones. the bedside of hospitalized relatives. vigilance and AU carr