Where Did The Time Go? Financial Freedom Will Give You Time Freedom!


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Where Did The Time Go? Financial Freedom Will Give You Time Freedom!

  1. 1. Where Did the Time Go? Financial Freedom Will Give YouTime Freedom! (Proof Inside)Have you ever asked yourself "Where Did The Time Go"? Ill bet you know where itwent but these days we are so rushed that it seems to fly and you never have time to dothe things you like to do. Does that sound like you? I know its me but Im on the pathto get out of that state and I can help you do the same thing.Where Did The Time Go? Lets Look At A DayIf you arent retired you and your spouse are probably both working full time jobs. Itsalmost a requirement these days if you have a family. So you get up an hour and a halfbefore work, drive there, spend 9 hours, and drive home. All of that I consider worktime. Given an average drive time of at minutes each way, it totals up to 11 hours. If yousleep 8 hours, you are at 19 hours. (This does not take into consideration those of youwho work two jobs!!)That leaves you 5 hours to get everything else done that you need to do. Fix and eatdinner, clean, take care of the kids, etc. Then you may have some time to check outFacebook or watch some TV before going to bed and doing it all over again the next day.So where did the time go? Basically I not only believe this is a rut, I believe we werentdesigned for this. We should be having a life of abundance with the freedom to do whatwe want, with who we want, when we want to do it? Dont you agree?Where Does The Time Go?Financial Freedom Will Give YouTime FreedomI can almost hear the monkey chatter going on in your head as to why you cant dothis. You are making excuses and if you want to succeed you have to stop it! Dontlisten to it as it will keep you broke and spending more time with co-workers than youdo with your family.You see, I have a way to get you there. I havent been drinking and Im not joking. Imnot really trying to sell you anything however you will have invest in you in order to getthere.
  2. 2. Im doing it. I currently work a full time job in IT and part time at home during thoseFacebook/TV time periods that are available in the evenings. Ill admit that I was not aninternet marketer prior to joining Empower Network on August 28, 2012.So youve heard something like this before, there are many other online marketingcompanies to join that you dont know for sure what is right for you. The othercompanies pay you small commissions and most people work upwards of 80 hours perweek to earn a living. That will have you saying "where did the time go?"I can tell you that this is company is hands down the best! Ive been in long enough toknow that this company does more to Empower you and help you than any othercompany out there. Not only does the top do things weekly to help but your sponsor(me) and my team will also help you get going.As I said before, I do want to help you get the financial freedom and the time freedomthat is rightfully yours by your birthright. Money comes and goes, it transfers fromhand to hand, bank to bank. Wanting money is nothing to be ashamed of - money is notevil. I just want it to stop in my hand or my bank long enough to do things for me andfor you.I never felt like I belonged in a full time day job working for someone else and helpingthem get rich. I had no choice when I became a single mother at 21 years old. I had toearn a daddys wage and be a mother so I took a job in a fertilizer plant. The fertilizerwas all chemicals and I shoveled a lot! I also ran a pay loader, was a brakeman for thetrain system and drove the train. It paid me $12.50/hour.I wish that I had this opportunity then. I would not have spent so many years of my lifebeing told when to take lunch, how many days I could be sick or how many days I couldtravel (IF I had the funds to do so.)I want to help you get the time freedom you deserve. I mean it. I will be there to helpyou grow. (My team will help you too.) I will point you in all the right places so youdont make the mistakes Ive made along the way.
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  5. 5. There are currently 90,000 affiliates in Empower Network. This company is growingstrong and fast. The owners vision is totally to help other do what they wouldnt be ableto do in other direct sales marketing companies. That is why they pay 100%commissions and dont keep part of the money themselves. They actually earn theirmoney the same way you will, as an affiliate!So stop all the negative chatter about how you cant do this that is echoing through yourbrain. Dont make any excuses. You deserve the financial and time freedom and Ibelieve in you. I truly believe you can do this! Ive seen all types of people succeed inEmpower. I want you to succeed so you can get to the point where you dont have to askthe question "Where Did The Time Go"!!
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