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REFORMA Northeast Annual Report FY 2015-16 Mary-Marques


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REFORMA Northeast Annual Report FY 2015-16.

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REFORMA Northeast Annual Report FY 2015-16 Mary-Marques

  1. 1. Annual Report FY 2015-16 Presented by Mary Marques, RNE Chapter President, at ALA-Orlando, Florida, June-2016.
  2. 2. Entrepreneurs advices
  3. 3. The year plan Develop a budget & a working plan for the FY 2015-16 Improve a virtual presence (RNE website) and on-site presence (chapter meetings) & make connections with community leaders & other organizations Measure goals using free analytics tools: Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools Improve cloud storage: Google Drive Build up internal communication tools(Excel-Task tracker file, agenda, deadline for assignments) and external communication (updated website & knowledge base) Establish a marketing plan to promote on-site chapter meetings and professional events (Mini Joint Conference & World Languages Book Fair) Use social media to disseminate information: FB, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn Develop expertise & leadership style in order to improve visibility in the professional community
  4. 4. The theme Preservation, culture heritage, traditions & generations Marketing tools & strategy Key success factor Redesign RNE website Goals Informative Update information Visually attractive Organize Resource Base Social media tool Free analytics tools Cloud storage Feedback Search Engines Increase/retain membership Increase funding Improve visibility Active participation of the Executive Board, the Committee Chairs and the members Awards
  5. 5. SWOT Analysis: Internal & external environmental factors Strengths ● New philosophy approach: Motivation to success ● In house expertise of leader librarians in working with minority and diverse communities at local, state & international levels ● Great opportunity to network with librarians in the RNE area at local, state & national level ● Programing and resources: Building stories of success ● Be part of the global community Weakness Outdated website Lack of information and resources Visually unattractive website, mostly text No deadlines to accomplish projects Lack of a project management plan No feedback Opportunities ● Promote and publicize RNE as a professional library organization that support members in expertise, resources, training and leadership opportunities ● Outreach to the new and the current members about the volunteer opportunities to share expertise and grow into the library profession Threats Lack of motivation Lack of innovation Lack of new approaches to ideas Lack of a formal annual budget Lack of an annual strategy plan and guidelines to accomplish the steps Lack of “key messages”
  6. 6. The marketing mix: The 4P’s of marketing The promise: Members/non-members active participation and leadership grow Product RNE offers a professional support and resources; in addition to a network of leader librarians that share expertise in working with minority and diverse communities: Latino/Hispanic Price Annual membership & volunteer opportunities Promotion ● Outreach: Social media, website & listservs ● Partnership: Libraries & community organizations ● Training(s) & Guest speaker(s) ● Stationery template: Uniformity in the RNE mail Place RNE cover six states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusett
  7. 7. Telling our Story: Chapter meetings in four states PA, NY, NJ & CT
  8. 8. Year projects: Renovated RNE website: Visually attractive (photos) & more informative (content) Updated information awards and the different sections of the website; also added new pages such as Reform-a-Service Added a PayPal account into the website for individual or corporate donations toward RNE or specific award(s) Added a “Photo Gallery” section Added past awards winner(s) biographical information; also gave 3 awards Added the Annual Report & updated Bylaws (e-voting will go to the next FY) Used social media (Twitter, Google Plus & Facebook) to disseminate information about the chapter; in addition to LinkedIn, Eventbrite, Evernote, Survey Monkey, Doodle, Teleconference Call, Appear In, Skype, Google Share Cloud & email. Also monitor statistical information in Weebly (RNE) and Google Sites (JMC archive)
  9. 9. Other official representation events: Meeting with REFORMA Vice-President/President Elected, Selina Gomez- Beloz, REFORMA National Conferences Coordinating Committee, Kathryn Blackemer Reyes, and REFORMA Northeast Secretary, Tess Tobin & President, Mary Marques in Philadelphia. Agenda: RNCVI location selection. Ismael Alicea Life Celebration at New York Public Library.
  10. 10. 2016 Joint Mini Conference & Mini World Languages Book Fair
  11. 11. Title: Librarians to the Mission: Preserving Culture Heritage & World Traditions throughout Generations Innovate concept that included: World Languages Book Fair, Pre-Conference Speakers, Conference Speakers, Tour of the Free Library of Philadelphia Culinary Center, Country of Honor, Keynote Speaker, Guest Speaker, Folklore Dance Group for the Opening Event, Musical Opening for the Conference Section and the presence of Community Leader Organizations, local authors and journalists, and inter-state librarians. Local press coverage: Online and TV
  12. 12. Feedback: Inspirational Success! “This year's REFORMA Northeast conference was inspirational! Many, many thanks to you and the executive board for hosting the special gathering in Philadelphia!”- Miriam Tuliao, Assistant Director, Selection BookOps, Library Services Center. "I wanted to reach out and tell you that I Loved the conference, it was amazing and I learned a lot." -Georgina Rivas, Librarian Freeport Library.
  13. 13. Stationery and marketing promotional tools ● Traditional media: Email & listservs, fax and word-of- mouth ● Digital technology: Social media such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook & LinkedIn ● Free online community events: Local radio & TV, and newspapers ● Influencer people & networks: Community leaders & leader librarians, library schools, blogs ● Special events: Fairs ● Public relations: Each person that you do a PR has his/her own network! ● Promotional tools: Eventbrite, Surveymonkey, Doodle ● Welcome letter to new members: Volunteer opportunities, projects that RNE is working on, and the positive outcome of members’ contributions. Why RNE exist?
  14. 14. The numbers and most popular keywords RNE Weebly Website & Google Analytics: Approx. 1,586 views per month (Since September, 2015) Local states that viewed RNE website: NY, PA, NJ, CT, MA, CA, RI, FL, OR International countries that viewed RNE website: Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, United Kingdom,Russia and Canada. JMC Google Sites & Google Analytics: 309 per month (Since January, 2016) Webmaster Tools Keywords: Award, library, conference, chapter, grant, Latinos, committee, books, gallery, Belpré, Marrero, application, scholarship. Most viewed pages: Contact, Upcoming events, JMC, awards, Lillian Marrero, resources, Ismael Alicea, chapter meetings. Trend: RNE, REFORMA, Chapter meetings, join,resources. RNE Total Members as June, 2016: 75 active and outstanding members. #JMCPHL16 attendees: 120. Feedback: Survey Monkey
  15. 15. Internal and External Communication: Measuring success step by step Teleconference meetings once a month with the Executive Board. RNE used a free teleconference call service “Free Teleconference Call” Teleconference meetings with the Communication/Media Committee members very often. We used Free Teleconference Call and (free online video conference room) Agenda for each meeting: Focus on the items, take actions & develop a working plan, delegation of activities & timeframe to accomplish goals Accomplish the agenda: Who, When, How, What, Where & Why Minutes & follow up on work assignments Feedback & work recognition Email members with important updates, meetings and membership renewals
  16. 16. Feedback: A guideline for improvement
  17. 17. News from our Sister Libraries... nth.html content/files/trustees/minutes/2016-01/01- 26-2016_DeptReport.pdf library-wins/
  18. 18. Suggestions: Build a toolkit to promote expertise and resources Build a five year plan Set-up goals and timeframes to accomplish them Build leadership expertise and share it with members Challenge the status quo with responsibility Take a risk of innovation. Be creative! Be visionary! Don’t be afraid to fail! If something doesn’t work; change it!
  19. 19. Contact information Mary Marques REFORMA NORTHEAST President 2015-16 Multilingual Reference Librarian Free Library of Philadelphia My Professional Social Network LinkedIn Google Plus @Marsoleil Flickr SlideShare
  20. 20. Questions? Thank you!