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Make It Happen Homes Listing Presentation for North Texas Real Estate


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Listing Presentation for Make It Happen Homes and Mary Lou Jaimes.

Mary Lou Jaimes is a professional Realtor located in Flower Mound Texas. She serves the North Texas Real Estate Market specializing in the Denton, Flower Mound, Lewisville, and surrounding areas.

Her background in sales and record of high performance has made her one of the most trusted North Texas Realtors.

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Make It Happen Homes Listing Presentation for North Texas Real Estate

  1. 1. This template courtesy of
  2. 2. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comToday’s Goal•  Get to know you better•  Answer all your questions•  Ask you important information•  Determine if we are the right fit for eachother.Make It Happen Homes
  3. 3. This template courtesy of•  Texas born California Raised•  Married to John for 44 years•  2 Children, 2 Grandchildren•  I love my family; I actually geteuphoric executing creativesolutions; helping others succeed;I enjoy writing and painting but dotoo little of it; having great friends.About me personallyMake It Happen Homes
  4. 4. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comAbout me professionallyCorporateAmericaNational SalesMgr2007LicensedRealtor1989 2013RetiredCorporateAmerica2003Received TopListing Agent2012 AwardVoted TheLEADER’s BestReal EstateAgent 20132011ListingResultsAvg DOM=302012ListingResultsAvg DOM=262013 YTDListingResultsAvg DOM=5.4Make It Happen Homes
  5. 5. This template courtesy of•  What drew you to this home when youbought it?•  What is your favorite feature of this house?•  What do you like about your neighborhood?•  What are some nearby amenities, such asrestaurants or shopping?•  What don’t you like about it?Tell me about your houseMake It Happen Homes
  6. 6. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comImportant Questions•  Why are you moving?•  How soon do you need to move?•  Is price or timing more important?•  What are you looking for fromyour agent?•  Do you anticipate major challengesin selling your home?•  What will you do if your home doesn’t sell?THIS INFORMATIONWILL HELP MEDETERMINE THE BESTCOURSE OF ACTION ASWE GO THROUGH THEPROCESS OF SELLINGYOUR HOME.Make It Happen Homes
  7. 7. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comMy Unique Selling Proposition:It is not a fluke. I have proven results that I can sell your home in recordbreaking time no matter the market condition. I GUARANTEE IT!–  2011 – Average Days on Market = 30 Days–  2012 - Average Days on Market = 27 Days–  2013 YTD - Average Days on Market = 5.4 DaysMy customize approach is designed to EXCEED your goals.Because the best billboard I can invest in is YOU!My Signature ApproachMake It Happen Homes
  8. 8. This template courtesy of•  I believe in an upfrontno-nonsense approachto selling real estate•  I will tell you if either I or mycompany is not the best fit foryour situation•  I will be honest about the pricingof your propertyMy Signature ApproachINTERESTING FACT:I AM ALWAYSLEARNING AND TAKECLASSES.TO STAYCURRENT WITH MYINDUSTRY …Make It Happen Homes
  9. 9. This template courtesy of•  35-Day SaleGuarantee•  Easy ExitGuarantee•  CreativeSolutionsWhy I’m Different•  Proven Results•  Record BreakingTime•  My awards, myachievementsare secondaryto exceedingeach client’sobjectives.Make It Happen Homes
  10. 10. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comTestimonialsWhat My Clients Say About Me:Just a little thank you for all your hard work—it made the difference to thesale of our home! Keep in touch—we think of you as a friend, not as a realtor.”- Linda & Olin“Mary Lou is excellent and passionate about everything and everyone shedeals with. She has a no nonsense manner of dealing with business whilebeing compassionate about her clients and colleagues.”- Charles“As part of the Make It Happen Team, Mary Lou seriously “made it happen.”I have no doubt that I would not have gotten my house if I had any other realestate agent. We ran into several obstacles that she helped us work through.She went above and beyond what I would expect a real estate agent to do.She also sold our home in an unbelievable time frame. May Lou is ago–getter.”- Angela & JohnMake It Happen Homes
  11. 11. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comWhat Does Realtor® Mean?•  Only Real Estate Agents who aremembers of the National Associationof Realtors® can use this term.•  Realtors subscribe to a higher codeof ethics.•  Realtors are required to haveadditional education.•  I’m a member of the Local, State,and National Association.Make It Happen Homes
  12. 12. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comAbout My OrganizationWe service – Collin, Dallas, Denton &Tarrant CountiesWe were established 10/1/2007I relocated to Flower Mound in 1995.In 2007 I decided to become a real estateinvestor but soon found helping othersachieve their dreams much morerewarding.Make It Happen Homes
  13. 13. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comThe Price DerivativeEvery property will sell and has the potential to sellquickly, and the price is the No. 1 factor controllingthis outcome.Make It Happen Homes
  14. 14. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comThe Price DerivativeI’m going to ask you to imagine…this is no longer your home. Youhave actually jumped forward intime and you now live in the homeand the neighborhood where youplan on moving to next.Make It Happen Homes
  15. 15. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comAbout My CMA•  Comparables include sales from all real estateagents and companies•  I check public records in addition to MLS•  The best measure of value is sold listings•  Active listings demonstrate supply andcompetition•  Withdrawn/expired listings usually demonstratean overpriced listing.Make It Happen Homes
  16. 16. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comMarketing Your PropertyMuch of my marketing starts today, when we agreeon a price for your home. The best marketing in theworld will never sell an overpriced home.Make It Happen Homes
  17. 17. This template courtesy of•  When it comes to online marketing,many agents will try to convince youthey have the “secret sauce.”•  The fact is, every agent’s listing issyndicated out by the MLS tohundreds, if not thousands,of web sites.•  The fact is, if a buyer is houseshopping online and your homematches their criteria, it would bealmost impossible for them not to findyour home.Fact vs. FictionMake It Happen Homes
  18. 18. This template courtesy of•  I offer the following uniquemarketing methods:–  Pre-Home Inspection–  Staging Consultation–  Professional Photos/Video–  Custom Website–  Yard Signs–  Flyers–  Social Media–  Craigslist–  CommunicationMarketingMake It Happen Homes
  19. 19. This template courtesy of BreakthroughBroker.comGetting started is easy. Oncewe have agreed on a priceand I have answered all ofyour questions, we have alittle paperwork to complete.Then I can have your homeon the market in as little as48 hours.Getting StartedMake It Happen Homes
  20. 20. This template courtesy of•  Selling your home is a big dealand I take the task very seriously.The fact that you have consideredme to help you accomplish thismeans the world to me!•  That’s not the end as your realestate consultant for life, my goal isto check in with you annually toreview your goals and any changesin your life, and discuss what’shappening in your market.•  Do you want to be A Raving Fan?Thank you!Make It Happen Homes
  21. 21. This template courtesy of•  Cell: 972.849.0476•  Email:•  Note:–  I return phone calls from 11-12 and againfrom 4-5.–  I am an early riser so you may seeemails from me at 4 a.m. but I retire earlylike 8:30–  For urgent situations you can text me.–  I almost never answer the phone whileshowing clients homes–  I DO NOT text/talk while drivingContact InformationMake It Happen Homes