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Berks Encore Annual Report_2013

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Berks Encore Annual Report_2013

  1. 1. 2013 Annual Report The mission of Berks Encore is to engage the community to enable older adults to achieve a better quality of life by providing a comprehensive program of services, referrals, education and advocacy.
  2. 2. Nancy Yocom, board chair LuAnn Oatman, president Board of Directors Nancy Yocom, Board Chair Carl Staples, 1st Vice Chair Guido Pichini, 2nd Vice Chair Donald Bristol, Treasurer Carolyn Kreider, Secretary Chris Kraras, Immediate Past Board Chair LuAnn Oatman, President/CEO Renee’ Dietrich Socrates Georgeadis, Esq. JoAnn Gruber Robert Harrop Mary Kargbo Peggy Kiebach Dean Kraras Ann Marie Lago, D.O. James Landrigan Elizabeth Kirk Matteo, PhD Orla Nugent Denise Pasko Ryan Redner Ivan Torres Thomas Williams Walter Woolwine The concept of aging in today’s society requires moving away from a mindset based on the things one cannot change into a proactive role that supports the lives of our seniors. The economy is always changing, and the need for our programs and services continues to rise: 19% of Berks County’s population is 60 or older, and that number is expected to nearly double in 10 years. Berks Encore’s ultimate goal is to ensure that our services, referrals, education and advocacy remain available to all seniors for generations to come. In order to do so, Berks Encore implemented Be Fit Be Well, a multi-year giving program designed to provide dependable and continuous funding to strengthen our current framework. Through their multi-year donations, our 42 (and growing) Be Fit Be Well partners help ensure that Berks Encore can continue providing assistance with insurance, food and income tax preparation as well as home maintenance, chronic disease and care management, and financial and food security. 2013 brought some big changes to Berks Encore, including the addition of Powers of Attorney and will writing services at no charge to low-income clients; a partnership with the Greater Berks Food Bank to distribute food pantry items to qualifying homebound seniors; and plans to open the new Berks Encore- Strausstown center in early 2014. Although government funding has been cut, we are working hard – now more than ever – to provide the very best aging services in Berks County. Every older adult should be able to live their lives with confidence and dignity. It is with your help and support that Berks Encore can continue to provide the many services, referrals, education and advocacy that seniors not only depend on, but thrive on. Together, we are changing seniors’ lives one program – one center – one volunteer – one donation – one step at a time. Page 1
  3. 3. Advocate Provide Page 2 Victoria M., of Shillington, writes her thoughts about older adults for the “I Believe” social media campaign. Daniel Boone High School Interact Club students pack meals for Meals On Wheels clients at Berks Encore- Birdsboro. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) • For the 2013 income tax filing year, Berks Encore’s VITA volunteers prepared 3,794 returns • $3,468,727 were put back into the community in the form of refunds, representing an increase of $353,000 over the 2012 income tax filing year • The average refund amount totaled $1,328 per person • In addition, the volunteers filed 697 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) returns, which resulted in a total amount of $852,424 in tax credits • 195 total Child Tax Credit (CTC) returns were filed, which resulted in a total amount of $217,952 in tax credits • A total of 67 Education Tax Credit (ETC) returns yielded a total of $54,783 in tax credits APPRISE • Berks Encore’s staff and volunteers met with 1,400 individuals during the 2013 Medicare Open Enrollment period • Berks Encore representatives helped seniors save more than $155,000 • For those who made a change in their enrollment, the average amount saved was $780 a year • Medicare education seminars were held for 931 people • Medicare and Information & Referral (I&R) (including Tele-Center calls) had a total of 30,884 contacts in 2013, an increase of 10,707 contacts from 2012 • Of the 30,884 contacts, 2,360 were Tele-Center calls and 15,198 were calls answered by I&R and APPRISE • 930 produce vouchers were distributed in 2013 Many family members struggle with the same questions when caring for an older adult: What are my mother’s options for receiving long-term care; what records should I keep as my father’s Power of Attorney; can someone help write checks to pay my parents’ bills? Berks Encore offers community educational sessions as well as unbiased one-on-one counseling to assist with these questions. Many services are free and include budget counseling and budgeting for long-term care costs as well as check writing and fiduciary bookkeeping. Advocacy is also a means of expressing the concerns of these older adults and their need for assistance and support. In July and August of 2013, Berks Encore participated in the nation-wide “I Believe” social media campaign, asking people of all generations to voice their opinions of what it means to be an older adult. Berks Encore received 156 photos that generated 27,494 in total impressions on Facebook. Our goal through 2015 is to expand our simple elder law services to include limited Power of Attorney and will writing services at no charge to low-income clients with the guidance of Georgeadis & Setley LLC and the Berks County Bar Association. Berks Encore will provide simple elder law services to a minimum of 150 low-middle income seniors. Each weekday in Berks County, Berks Encore’s center managers and dedicated volunteers work to ensure that 750 homebound seniors receive a hot, nutritious meal as well as a sense of independence and dignity. In addition, noontime meals are served at each center, offering our participants opportunities for socialization and interaction. However, Meals On Wheels is more than just a hot, nutritious meal. For many of our homebound recipients, the volunteer deliverers may be the only people they see in the course of a day. So Meals On Wheels isn’t just about the food; it also provides a lifeline for these seniors and shows they are cared about. According to the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger, 8.4% of households with seniors were food insecure in 2011. One study showed that food insecure seniors sometimes had enough money to purchase food but were unable to get to the grocery store to shop for food. In addition to the Meals On Wheels and Grocery Shopping programs, Berks Encore is working with the Greater Berks Food Bank to distribute food pantry items to those with the need. With the help of the Greater Berks Food Bank, Berks Encore will provide home-delivered food bank items to a minimum of 100 income-qualified homebound seniors per year.
  4. 4. Meals On Wheels • A total of 175,831 meals were delivered in 2013 through the Meals On Wheels program • 38,915 hours of volunteer service were accumulated by 1,085 volunteers • Additionally, 38,994 noontime meals were served at Berks Encore’s six centers – an increase of 2,045 meals from 2012 • A grand total of 214,825 meals were provided by Berks Encore’s Meals On Wheels in 2013 Grocery Shopping Program • The Grocery Shopping Program has grown to utilize 125 volunteers who shop for 65 clients • 10 Redner’s Warehouse Markets are being utilized for the Grocery Shopping Program Friendly Visitor • Twenty-one Friendly Visitor volunteers gave a total of 860.5 hours Health & Wellness Program • A total of 6,381 participants attended 164 Health & Wellness education programs in 2013 – an increase of 4,238 participants from 2012 • Exercise class participation – including center exercise classes and partnering exercise programs – resulted in 51,573 persons for the year Volunteerism • In 2013, 1,569 volunteers contributed 60,652 hours of volunteer service – an increase of 2,010 hours of service from 2012 • The total value of volunteer time to Berks Encore equals $1,367,702, based on the Independent Sector’s value of $22.55 per hour Educate Refer Page 3 A United Way Loan Campaign Special- ist (LCS) wears a pair of glasses to simulate vision loss during their 2013 training at Berks Encore-Reading. Rosa Velez, Berks Encore APPRISE counselor, meets with a client to discuss his Medicare open enrollment options. Each year, U.S. employers lose an estimated $11.4 billion in productivity from full-time employees who must take time off from work to fulfill their duties as caregivers. Recognizing the negative impact this changing trend may have on local businesses, Berks Encore offers BE@Work, which provides customized onsite group education and/or counseling services on a variety of topics that meet the needs of the company. The BE@Nite series also offers day-time workers a chance to partake in educational sessions during evening hours. These sessions provide education on topics that adult children or working seniors may need, including “Power of Attorney Overview” and “Protecting the Older Investor.” New to Berks Encore’s education is chronic disease self-management support with an approach to working with people who are living with a chronic disease. Our goal through 2015 is to promote health and wellness through evidence-based chronic disease management programs to reduce the risk of disease, disability and injury. Programs include fall prevention, fire safety, diabetes, heart failure and arthritis. Berks Encore will provide chronic disease management education to a minimum of 200 seniors. Aging is becoming increasingly complex and living in a fast-paced society is not easy; this is especially true when navigating the Medicare system. Berks Encore’s APPRISE staff and specially- trained volunteers assist people with their insurance-related needs. Counseling is available for all persons needing assistance with Medicare, HMO and PPO camparisons, long-term care insurance, rent and property tax rebates, PACE and PACENET, and other government assistance programs. Because each client is different, our unbiased APPRISE counselors provide individuals with the most recent data and best available options to complement their specific needs. In addition, Berks Encore’s expanded care management is an innovative program designed to assist seniors to remain independent in their homes and to tackle challenges. By expanding our spectrum of services, we can assist in organizing medical records, putting together care plans, providing emotional support and more. Our goal through 2015 is to provide Meals On Wheels clients who we care manage with expanded professional assessments and recommendation for resources, education and care plan options. Berks Encore will provide these services to a minimum of 325 homebound Meals On Wheels clients.
  5. 5. Serve Engage Page 4 Volunteers from Alvernia Univer- sity prepare bulk mailing at the Berks Encore- Reading center. Participants attend the 2013 Annual Picnic at Green Valley Country Club. Berks Encore was privileged in 2013 to have 1,569 volunteers help us make a difference in the lives of Berks County older adults. Our volunteers provide a variety of services, including Meals On Wheels packing and delivering, tax preparation, Medicare counseling, newsletter and bulk mailing preparation, grocery shopping and clerical work. As part of Berks Encore’s proactivity, our volunteer opportunities overlap and coordinate to provide enrichment for both the client and the volunteer (many of whom are seniors themselves). Seniors are at a high risk for isolation and depression due to loss of health, friendship and even purpose. These risks can be reduced if they remain engaged and active – volunteering provides social interaction and involvement and can be a rewarding experience for many. Without a doubt, volunteers are an essential part in bringing aging services to all who need them. Our goal is to reach out to people between the ages of 50 and 70 to: (1) better prepare them for life as an older adult, (2) engage them as volunteers, and (3) make them better caregivers for older family members. To help older adults remain active, Berks Encore’s centers offer a variety of programs: health and nutrition education, noontime meals, consumer information, intergenerational activities and recreation for all ability levels and interests. Each center is unique, yet all of them provide the opportunity for socialization and lifelong friendships. Senior clubs, church groups and civic organizations throughout the county are encouraged to take advantage of our seminars and health education programs. In cooperation with local hospitals, businesses and other nonprofit organizations, Berks Encore is reaching out to underserved populations within the community. New for the fall of 2013 is the opening of the renovated Strausstown Community Campus in partnership with the Strausstown Volunteer Fire Department and St. Joseph Regional Health Network. In the past, the Strausstown community has struggled with finding medical care within close proximity, home-delivered meals, Medicare counseling and socialization opportunities for older, retired adults. Our goal is to reach the isolated, rural senior population with the introduction of the new Berks Encore-Strausstown center. This center features a home-delivered meal and center-based lunch, advocacy services, education, social activities and programs. Berks Encore- Strausstown will provide home-delivered meals and congregate meal services to a minimum of 50 seniors per year. Affordable Care Act • In 2013, 725 individuals were educated during Health Insurance Marketplace community sessions in Berks and Lehigh Counties • Also, 316 appointments were held for Health Insurance Marketplace counseling and enrollment Berks Encore @ Nite • A total of 126 attended the eight BE@Nite sessions held in 2013 Advocacy Services • In 2013, Berks Encore held eight advocate service seminars, such as Power of Attorney and financial literacy • A total of 100 people attended these seminars (including BE@Nite sessions) Berks Encore @ Work • A total of 127 people attended the seven BE@Work sessions held in 2013 Center Visits • In 2013, attendance at the Berks Encore centers totaled 78,254 recorded visits • Also in 2013, the total participation in classes, activities, meals, wellness, client assistance and volunteer programs was 189,587.
  6. 6. Statement of Activities 2012-2013 Page 5 Years Ended December 31, 2012 and 2013 2012 2013 Revenues and Other Support Public Support: Contributions and Private Agency Awards $ 320,151 $ 417,372 United Way of Berks County 81,893 83,309 Grants 1,120,471 991,262 In-Kind Contributions 46,831 48,968 Trust Income 3,612 8,666 Total Public Support 1,572,958 1,549,577 Other Revenue Membership Dues and Assessments 39,413 33,940 Advertising Income 121,361 152,218 Program Income 121,747 133,484 Registration Fees 22,344 22,546 Interest and Dividend Income 26,488 27,109 Net Realized Gain (Loss) on Investments (23,399) (82) Net Unrealized Gain (Loss) on Investments 70,509 66,848 Net Unrealized Gain (Loss) on Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trust 24,749 20,641 Special Events, Net of Expenses 29,629 8,833 Miscellaneous Income 4,145 2,369 Total Public Support and Other Revenue 2,009,944 2,017,483 Expenses Program Expenses: Socialization, Recreation, Education and Prime Time Health 396,026 290,605 Information, Referral and Consumer Action and APPRISE 555,494 608,799 Congregate Meals 160,655 175,998 Affiliated Clubs 53,091 57,301 Home Delivered Meals 313,379 345,170 Hotline 12,143 11,278 Support Services: Management and General 245,145 225,121 Fundraising 103,664 124,870 Total Expenses 1,839,597 1,839,142 Increase in Net Assets 170,347 178,341 Net Assets at Beginning of Year 1,927,968 2,098,315 Net Assets at End of Year 2,098,315 2,276,656
  7. 7. Page 6 $10,000+ Land Displays Reading Eagle Company White Star Tours, Inc. $2,000–$9,999 Anonymous Assured Assistance Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Barrett Berks Arts Council Berks Visiting Nurse Association, Inc. Boscov’s Department Store, Inc. Clermont Wealth Strategies Mr. and Mrs. William H. Combs III Comfort Keepers East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. Elmcroft Senior Living Community Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Flicker Mr. and Mrs. Chris G. Kraras Lausch’s Moving & Storage PA Lottery Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Palmer, Jr. Precision Medical Products Reading Health System Redner’s Warehouse Markets, Inc. Santander Bank, N.A. Stuyvesant Senior Citizens Group West Wyomissing Fire Co/Social Quarters Willow Hollow Ladies Golf League Mr. and Mrs. Douglas N. Yocom $500–$1,999 Abbvie Mrs. Joanne F. Achenbach Advantage Home Care, Inc. Age in Place Home Care Ageless Harmony Albright College All Renovation & Design Ambassador Home Improvements American Powernet Animal Rescue League of Berks County Appleby Systems, Inc. Arthritis & Joint Replacement Center of Reading Auer Cremation Services of PA, Inc. Bath Fitter Beautiful You By Christine Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Beaver Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. Bengtson Berks Center for Clinical Research Berks County Living Berks County Republican Committee Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons Berks Hearing Professionals Berks Lanes Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bradley Esq. Brentwood Industries Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Broadbent Build-A-Bath of PA Capital BlueCross CaptionCall Cardiology Associates of West Reading, LTD Caring Matters Home Care Clover Farms Dairy Company Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Cohen Colonial Oaks Foundation Columbia Cottage Committee to Elect Fudeman Judge Commonwealth Orthopedic Associates Connors Investor Services, Inc. Council on Chemical Abuse County Garage Door Co., Inc. County of Berks Customers Bank Day Star Natural Democratic County Committee Department of Environmental Protection Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries Bruce and Renee’ Dietrich Digestive Disease Associates, LTD Ms. Eleni Dimitriou-Geishauser, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard N. Donahue Edward J. Kuhn Funeral Home, Inc. Elite Coach Elite Sportswear Emkey Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic Environaire Corporation Eye Consultants of PA Mr. Byron S. Fiegel Fleetwood Bank Foot Solutions Forest Hills Memorial Park Friends of Eleni Fulton Bank - Great Valley Division FundEvents Pennsylvania Gallen Insurance Garden Spot Village Gateway Health Plan Geisinger Health Plan Genesis Health Care Corp. Mr. Socrates J. Georgeadis, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. Gerhart Gethsemane Cemetery GMI First, Inc. Greater Berks Development Fund Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Gruber Mr. Charles F. Harenza Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Harrop Health Calls Health Network Labs Hearing Aid Associates, LLC Help U Stay/A division of SRI Herbein & Company Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hiehle Highmark Blue Shield Mr. William G. Hoff Mr. David W. Hollenbach Home Helpers/YCB Inc. Humana, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Huyett InHome Oxygen & Medical Equipment Interactive Management Services, Inc. John P Feeney Funeral Home Keller Williams Reality Elite & Transition Connections Keystone Gutter Helmet Keystone Villa At Douglassville Keystone Villa at Fleetwood Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kiebach Kitchen Saver Custom Cabinet Renewal Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Kraras Mr. Gust C. Kraras Mr and Mrs. George W. Kreider Kutztown Area Transport Service, Inc. Kutztown University Foundation Lab Medical LLC Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Langdon Ms. Arline A. Leibensperger Leisawitz Heller Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of Phila. Linsey Eye Care Lutheran Home Care and Hospice Lutz Funeral Home, Inc. M&T Bank Manor at Market Square Donors Thank You
  8. 8. Page 7 Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Martin, Jr. Masano Bradley - Attorneys At Law MedExpress Urgent Care Medical Supply, Inc. Mr. Thomas C. Meitzler Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Miller Miracle Ear National Penn Bank Mark and LuAnn Oatman Office of Rep. Mark Gillen Office of Senator Judy Schwank Mr. Kevin Ohlinger P.F. Eisenbrown Monuments PA Captioned Telephone Relay Service Penn State Berks Phoebe Ministries Mrs. Diane Pohl Progressive Vision Institute Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Pruitt R.M. Palmer Co. Raylon Corporation Reading Elderly Housing Reading Fightin Phils Baseball Club Reading Housing Authority Reinsel Kuntz Lesher, LLP Right At Home Riverfront Federal Credit Union Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Roedel Roland Stock, LLC Ronco’s Pharmacy, Inc. Ms. Judy Rosenberry Representative Mark L. Rozzi Mr. Donald N. Schildt Mr. Mark E. Schlott Scott Fick Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care Security First, Inc. Security Guards, Inc. Security Service Company, Inc Seniors Helping Seniors Seton Manor, Inc. Ms. Martha A. Sitler Southgate Apartments Spinal Concepts, Inc Spruce Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center St. Joseph Regional Health Network St. Xenia Philoptochos Society State Senator David Argall Stevens & Lee/Griffin Sweet Street Desserts Mrs. Paula A. Szortyka TechniCom Audio & Visual, Inc. Tel Hai Retirement Community The Buddies Nursery, LP The Heritage of Green Hills The Lutheran Home at Topton Diakon Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc. Mr. Ivan L. Torres, Ed. D. Mr. Edward D. Trexler III UGI Heating Cooling & Plumbing Enterprises UGI Utilities, Inc. UnitedHealthcare Van Bennett Food Co., Inc. Van Scoy Jewelers Vision Resouce Center of Berks County Visiting Angels VISTBank Viva Good Life Bistro Webb Medical Systems Weidenhammer Mrs. Janet L. Weidner WFMZ-TV Channel 69 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Williams Willow Street Pictures Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Woolwine Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Work $40–$499 3rd St. Senior Citizens A.A.S.R. Golden Eagles Club Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Adam Mr. Jose Adame Mr. Barry D. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Adams Ms. Dorothy Adams Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Adams Adams & Associates Adams Chemical Service, Inc. Advanced Water Resources AFSCME RPEP Wernersville #8803 Ms. Lindsey Akers Ms. Karen L. Albert Mr. Ray Albert Mr. Andrey Aleksandrov Alsace Lutheran Senior Club Alvernia University Amity Friendship Circle Mr. Clyde Anders Mr. Carl G. Anderson, Jr. Mr. Graham G. Anderson, Jr. Angiotech Mr. John W. Angstadt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Meliton Arana-Cruz Arc Alliance Advocacy Services Ms. Carolyn A. Armer Ms. Barbara J. Arner Mr. Clarence W. Arnold Mr. George W. Arnold, Jr. Mrs. Shirley Arnold Mr. Jack M. Assetto Astro Machine Works Inc. The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Gene Aulenbach Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Auman Avon Roofing Co., Inc. Mr. David Babczak Ms. Gertrude Babel Ms. Christine A. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Bandemer Ms. Barbara A. Bankes Mrs. Kathryn J. Banta Mrs. Angie G. Barakos Mrs. Ruth N. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Barr Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Barry, Jr. Mr. Walter J. Barwinski Ms. Mary Ellen Batman Ms. Jean R. Bauer Baumstown Seniors Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bausher Ms. Emma J. Bausher Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. Beberman Ms. Carole A. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Becker Ms. Janice Becker Dr. Sandra L. Becker Ms. Terry L. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Beidler Mr. Andrew Bem Ms. K. Lorraine Bender Mrs. Merri Bengston Mrs. Karen F. Bensinger Mrs. Pauline Benz Mr. and Mrs. Delbert W. Berger, Jr. Berks County Assoc.of School Retirees Berks Economic Partnership Berks Engineering Company Bernville Young at Heart Donors Thank You
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