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  1. 1. WALMART Extreme Makeover: Wal-mart Edition
  2. 2. I.Overview  Million of Walmart customers witnessed the big reveal at grand reopening across the country .
  3. 3. I.Overview  Walmart are getting an extreme makeover, from the color, spacing assortment of goods up to changes of merchandise with marks bigger and bolder sign age.
  4. 4. I.Overview  In 2008, “Project Impact “ was launched which aims to improve the Walmart shopping experience and increase sales. According to Project roll out schedule 70% of US stores will undergo upgrade by the end 2012 and the remaining renovation will wrap up in to 2014.
  5. 5. I.Overview  They launched project impact during financial crisis in US, they take advantage sag economy, they had low prices to get more customers
  6. 6. I.Overview  Walmart made changes of the placement of their shelves. They shuffled departments for easier and better shopping experience customers.
  7. 7. I.Overview  Walmart load up on hot gadgets such as Apple’s iPhone 4, iPad , 3D TVs in home entertainment to increase stores sales.
  8. 8. I.Overview  Groceries are expanding Walmart great value stores brand consumable  Bill Simon, executive Vice President and chief operating officers of Walmart, confirms bankers point that having less inventory in stores resulted in higher in stocks not lower in stocks.  Simon remarks that the project impact which ultimate goal is customers satisfaction is to give and improve the shopping experience for customers by providing them an access and visibility to departments in the store.
  9. 9. II. Time Context Present time III.Viewpoint Vice Chairman of Walmart Stores,Eduardo Castro Wright.
  10. 10. V.Statement of the problem: How will Walmart increase more sales with the changes and improvement they did in their business ?
  11. 11. VI. Statement of Objectives  Give more convenient service to the customer Hire an employees that can give a better service to customers,in that customers will feel happy and there’s a chance that their customers will be loyal to them.
  12. 12. Statement of Objectives  Make their business more attractive By making classy or vibrant colors inside the Walmart,having a good shopping place is attractive to people.
  13. 13. Statement of Objectives  Promote their new business by advertising it using social networking sites,radio and television. On endorsing their business they must hire a credible , popular personality that will represent or endorse the new Walmart.Using social media on promoting Walmart will be easier to promote their new business because it can be easily spread and address it to the people  Add more hot product or “in”.
  14. 14. Statement of Objectives  Give low prices to their goods Set their product at low prices,it is attractive to people that they have a good and classy shopping places.
  15. 15. VI.Areas of Consideration STRENGTH  They have million customers  Unbeatable low prices  They have loyal customers  They have strong store name  They have quality and new products  They have lots of strategies  They are popular  They are competitive
  16. 16. VI.Areas of Consideration WEAKNESSES Negative Stories of Walmart Protesting people against their past service
  17. 17. VI.Areas of Consideration OPPORTUNITIES  They can be the most indemand in global market  Be one of the world’s best shopping store  Expand more branches globally
  18. 18. VI.Areas of Consideration THREATS  Loyalty of the customers to their competitors  Customers may move to other stores because they don’t like the new Walmart
  19. 19. VII. Alternative Course of Action 1) Making promos to their products. Advantage: The customers will be more attracted to their goods and has a chance to become indemand Disadvantage: They will have small profit 2) Expand or add more branches of their business Advantage: The more branches,the more chances to gain more income and it will be more known globally Disdvantage: High capital needed in building new branches
  20. 20. VIII. Conclusion To improve the Sales of Walmart stores, we recommended them to expand their branches into different places because it will be more popular globally.It’s a chance for them to gain more customers.They must build the branch in a convenient place where their target market can easily go their.The more branches, the more chance for them to have higher income or sales.
  21. 21. IX. Plan of Action  Look some investors in investing a capital on building      new branch Make a Plan on how will they build the business Choose a proper place where it will be convenient and indemand to customers Hire people who will construct the building Hire employees that will work on the new Walmart store. Open the new business
  22. 22. GANTT CHART