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School samos

  1. 1. A short presentation
  2. 2. Samos Our island
  3. 3. .....And when the rosy sun appears, He drinks the ocean’s misty tears… Anacreon(570-488 BC)
  4. 4. …What became of the days When on the peaks Of tree-clad Kerketeus Danced the wreath wearing Arts … Andreas Kalvos(1792-1869)
  5. 5. …The white chapel facing the sun…
  6. 6. A sea near birth with a thousand ships and more, With waves that a thousand times and more set out and go Odysseus Elytis
  7. 7. Fill high the cup with Samian wine! Lord Byron
  8. 8. …And that shell of yours where the Aegean will echo… Odysseus Elytes
  9. 9. Marathokampos Our village
  10. 10. Its name means a plain with dill as one can find a lot of dill growing around our village. Our village has 2,000 inhabitants It is located on the sound part of the island
  11. 11. Its distance from the sea is 7 klm Its altitude is 250 metres
  12. 12. The village is surrounded by forests of pine trees Our school can be seen from here! It is a beautiful old stone building
  13. 13. This is a local hero who managed to defend Marathokampos along with 40 other fighters His name is Captain Stamatis
  14. 14. This is our Junior High School. We also have a Senior High School in our village.
  15. 15. We have a wind park near our village
  16. 16. In the summer forest fires destroyed many acres of pine forests and olive orchards around our village. The ecological disaster was great.
  17. 17. Marathokampos Primary School Our School
  18. 18. Our school was built in 1920. It wasn’t always used as a school. During the 2nd World War it was the Italian Headquarters. Its basement was even used as a prison in the past. Now our school lives happier days
  19. 19. Our lending library
  20. 20. Our school yard and our futsal court
  21. 21. 5th Grade
  22. 22. •Our school has a nice football court and each classroom has its own computer Angelos
  23. 23. Our school is very big I have 13 classmates. We have 12 teachers Manolis I am happy we joined this programme because we will meet new friends Argyro
  24. 24. 6th Grade
  25. 25. Hi! My village is beautiful and I like my school a lot Chris
  26. 26. My classmates and I are very excited to communicate with you Margaret
  27. 27. We would like you to come and visit our island Elpida
  28. 28. Our ecological footprint
  29. 29. Based on questionnaires developed by the Ministry of Education the students of the 6th grade conducted a survey to find the ecological footprint of our school. The resulting emissions of CO2 from the consumption of energy of our school are: 7879.54 kgCO2 /year . Out of the 53 schools of Greece that have taken part in the project our school is in the14th position.
  30. 30. The students have undertaken the commitment to take the necessary steps to improve our footprint. They will try to ensure in their own little way that the beauty of our planet will still be there to be experienced by the future generations
  31. 31. Participating students 5th Grade Manolis Dimitra Argyro Dimitris Vangelis Nicholas Angelos Giannis Giannis Antreas Emmanuela Dimitra Evdoxos Nicholas
  32. 32. 6th Grade Manolis Margaret Nicholas Pantelis Luizos Maria Antonis Pantelis Marigo Vangelio Elpida Maria Giannis Manolis Chris Anna-Matrona Diamandis Manolis Theo Dimitris Dimitris
  33. 33. Music Evanthia Reboutsika (Composer) To Fevgaleo Vlemma: A Fleeting Look