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Quick Cause Marketing Intensive


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Quick Cause Marketing Intensive

  1. 1. Cause Marketing How Do We Do This? • Corporate philanthropy and social responsibility are nothing new. • It’s good business to help promote causes and support social endeavors. How do we go about doing it without looking like an opportunist?Reference:
  2. 2. What does it Do?Cause Marketing is Designed to: • Raise Funds • Drive Sales • Build Brand Awareness • Drive Cause Awareness • Create Solutions to a Social Problem • Inspire High Levels of Participation
  3. 3. The Reason Cause Marketing Works: Mutual BenefitBenefit to Business Benefit to Cause Mass Market PR  Revenue opportunities  Relationships to other Customer Assurance Business Owners Employee Unity  Relationships with Industry Image Boost Sponsor’s Customers Personal Satisfaction  Relationships with EmployeesReference:  Business Acumenadvocacy-five-best-practices-for-cause-marketing/
  4. 4. What it Takes Be Real Authenticity builds trust. Like-minded partners are good for causes you care about. Opportunism never goes unpunished. Long-term commitment, required. No drive-thru philanthropy. Be Be Passionate prepared to endure criticism and skepticism. Not everyone cares about you. Cheer up, though, because someone Be Real does. Even better, they know many others like them and will help Be Realistic you connect with them. Let the world know what you’re going to get out of the partnership, what you’ve already done about the cause, and what you plan to do Be Transparent in the future. Use digital and social media to expand your audience and explode your cause. Seek ideas and leadership for those who rally to your Be Connected movement – many of your best ideas and leaders aren’t here yet. Be open and looking for them.Reference:
  5. 5. Cause Marketing Key Questions How are you How are you bringing a voice? Empowering Others?  To your brand?  Donors  Board Members  To your cause?  Staff  To your clients?  Sponsors  To your donors?  Industry Leaders  To your community?  Community LeadersReference:
  6. 6. The Target From This To This Cause Company Cause CompanyDonors/ Customers/ Donors/Customers/Clients Employees Employees/ClientsReference:
  7. 7. People Matter Use the Power of StoryNarratives: Tell stories about Statistics: Provide statisticalpeople narratives about how people’s live have been changed. Good statistics tell a story.Sample Narrative:Housing for Haitian Mother and Child Sample Statistical Narratives: Currently, World Vision is buildingFor families like Maraseille and her son, about 20 shelters a week at Corail andEtienne, who survived Haitis deadly soon expects to ramp up production toearthquake a year ago, the simple gift of more than 60 a week. Ultimately, Worldsturdy housing is enough reason for Vision hopes to build more than 1,000them to rejoice in the midst of shelters at Corail to house more thancircumstances that remain deeply 7,000 people.challenging.Reference:
  8. 8. Why Cause Marketing is Effective for Fundraising? Your Brand and Organization Become PersonalPhase One Phase Two Connect  Ask Engage  Transact Relate Build Cause Awareness Serve
  9. 9. The Last Word The Lesson The Ask 25 CentsI was at the gas station one day when a young-ishman walked over and gave me the longest story I’dever heard about his sister and her health and bus Make the Connectionmoney… he wouldn’t stop talking. I was honestlyirritated that he would create such a long story, so I Know your Prospectstopped him and said, “Hey, how much do youneed?” Find the Best Fit for themHe said, “A quarter.” to Participate or GiveWow, I thought. I have a dollar and a bunch ofchange in my coin keeper, but he asked for aquarter . I didn’t want to start him talking again, soI gave him… a quarter. Neither amount wasenough to meet his needs. If my sister were sick Don’t ask for $25 fromand I needed bus money, I’d need a lot more than aquarter. Who knows what his needs really were, someone who loves to givebut that was a LOT of effort to expend for aquarter. When you ask , ask for what you need. $100,000 gifts.