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Align your brand with your facebook presence, What if you could design an experience your facebook visitors. You can, easily, with a customized Facebook Landing Page.

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Nonprofit Landing Pages

  1. 1. Essential Elements of aCustom facebook Landing Page Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: Landing Page is a Profile for Your Brand
  2. 2. What are Landing Pages For?They are for ReferenceA landing page presentsinformation that is relevantto the visitor. Text, images,dynamic compilations of Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: links, or otherelements. Make sure yourreference content meetsyour business objectives andprovides effective andmeasurable revenue value.
  3. 3. They are for TransactionTransaction opportunities onyour landing page persuadea visitor to complete atransaction such as filling outa form or interacting withadvertisements or other Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: on the page. Thegoal being the immediate oreventual sale of a product orservice. The idea is tocapture the lead and add theprospect to a mailing list ortransact a donation or saleon the page.
  4. 4. Rules of a Powerful FB Presence1. Never let a visitor land on your wall2. Control Your Image Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: Respect Your Brand4. Create & Guide the Visitor Experience5. Create a Call to Action6. Provide Useful Content – Help them choose YOU!7. Leverage FB Events8. Update your Landing Page Regularly
  5. 5. Content Wisdom• Again, include a call to action• Use short statements• Ask and answer questions Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource:• Order content in logical sequence• Use white space, headings and colors• Provide a bonus• Use images that promote your message or brand• Include effective testimonials
  6. 6. ACTION?WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE IN Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource:
  7. 7. GOOD DESIGN & FAMILIAR BRANDING • This may seem like a no-brainer, but, what can be more important than making sure your facebook page is attractive, easy to read, and visually appealing? Visitors should always be greeted with familiar branding styles that they affiliate with Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: you and your product or services.Landing Page Samples from:
  8. 8. A WELCOME PAGE & CALL TO ACTION • One of the first things you need to do for your visitors is invite them to take action. Often it’s a simple as asking them to “like” your page, allowing them updates about your organization, services and products in their personal timeline. Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: of when someone posts on your facebook page wall. A Great Call to Action: Your Brand + Effective Video FeatureLanding Page Samples from:
  9. 9. EXCLUSIVE CONTENT• Users take time to “like” your page and share what they find. Take time to give them something in return. Some pages offer discounts, exclusive content, or free stuff. Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource:
  10. 10. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT• The best aspect of facebook is that everyone is familiar with how it works. So take advantage of the situation! Ensure that those who join your facebook community have opportunities to get involved. Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: Landing Page Samples from:
  11. 11. GIVEAWAYS & OTHER PROMOTIONS• Giveaways and other promotions are a great way to boost participation on Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: your facebook page. Contests, giveaways, Special Features are a great way to build relationships and help others as well. Landing Page Samples from:
  12. 12. MEMBER DISCUSSIONS • A discussion board on facebook is a great way to learn more about the facebook page member’s needs, concerns, etc that relate to your services and Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: business objectives. It’s a great way to establish relationships with potential clients and find out what they really want.Landing Page Samples from:
  13. 13. LINKS BACK TO YOUR PRIMARY SITE• Last but definitely not least, you want to make sure to include links back to your primary site. Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: Your facebook fan page is only an appendage to your company site or design blog. Help users spend time on your site as well as on the facebook page.
  14. 14. The Last Word on FB Landing Pages• Take care of people, create an enjoyable experience, make a connection and compel someone(s) to a specific action. Design those Visit us at The Fundraisers Resource: actions for the visitor so that they benefit the prospective or repeat customer and fulfill one more of your business objectives.• Your landing page provides value to the visitor and allows you to do business.Landing Page Samples from: