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Online professional development journey


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Presentation for EFL

Published in: Education, Technology
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Online professional development journey

  1. 1. Online ProfessionalDevelopment Journey { Mary Hillis, Kansai Gaidai University
  2. 2. EVO: Electronic Village OnlineFree, online workshops sponsored by TESOL CALL-ISOpen to anyone who is interestedHeld in January-February each yearFacilitated by trained online mentorsSessions such as Digital Storytelling, Digital Tools, Becoming a Webhead, Drama, Multiliteracies, etc.
  3. 3. EVO 2012 Session
  4. 4. Digital Tools2012 Moderating Team Brazil U.S.A Canada Switzerland Slovenia Ukraine Japan
  5. 5. Digital Tools 2012 ParticipantsDigital Tools 2012Participants
  6. 6. Digital Tools 2012 Online Spaces
  7. 7. Week One: Introductions
  8. 8. Week Two: Digital Tools for Writing
  9. 9. Week Three: Digital Tools for Listening
  10. 10. Week Five: ReadingWeek Four:Speaking
  11. 11. Learning to teach online Teaching Online: A Faculty Development Course
  12. 12. Learning to teach online EVO 2006 Becoming a Webhead
  13. 13. EVO SessionsBlogging 4 Beginners 2007Blogging 4 Educators 2008 Images 4 Education 2009 Images 4 Education 2010
  14. 14. Making connections Virtual Round Table 2012 EVO Panel Presentation
  15. 15. More connections… Cartoon Festival with students in Argentina and Brazil Blogging connections Living Lit and Using 21st Century Tools to Teach 19th Century Literature Projects Meeting at online conferences and at the TESOL Convention And more!
  16. 16. Discuss: What experiences do you have with online professional development?
  17. 17. Online Professional Development  Twitter  Facebook   Diigo  Pinterest  Online Communities
  18. 18. EVO 2013 Registration Jan. 7-13, 2013EVO Sessions Jan. 14-Feb. 17, 2013
  19. 19. ReferencesDigital Tools 2012 Participants &t=m&vpsrc=6&ll=37.160317,-95.625&spn=91.690419,149.414063&z=2&source=embedDigital Tools 2012 Online SpacesEdmodo Classdigitaltools Group 1 Introductions 2 Writing
  20. 20. ReferencesWeek 3 Listening 4 Speaking 5 ReadingImage to teach onlineTeaching Online: A Practical Guide by Susan Ko and Steven RossenImage a Webhead 2006 (BaW06)
  21. 21. ReferencesEVO Sessions connections Exploring-19th-Century-Literature Professional DevelopmentImage more information about EVOTESOL CALL IS