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Streetcar Named Desire


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Streetcar Named Desire

  1. 1. Streetcar Named DesireTennessee Williams
  2. 2. Character List• Blanche DuBois• Stella Kowalski -• Stanley Kowalski• Harold “Mitch” Mitchell• Eunice• Other parts: ▫ A Young Collector ▫ Steve ▫ Pablo ▫ A Negro Woman ▫ A Doctor ▫ A Mexican Woman ▫ A Nurse ▫ Shaw ▫ Prostitute• 7 women parts, 7 men parts
  3. 3. What we’d need• Heavy props/scenic• Costumes• Lighting minimal• No rotating set!• 2 rooms, a staircase, and 2 doors• Tom Reing
  4. 4. Done by a highschool
  5. 5. Why it will work for the Masque• 4 strong actors 2 men 2 women• The other parts can be played with as many people as the director wants so chance for a medium sized cast• “We can do it. We have the TECH[nology]”• We don’t have to spend money on a pit.
  6. 6. • BDk