TV Dinner Trays


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The TV tray is an adjustable and mobile personal desk that provides an appropriate and stable surface where one can eat. Though primarily designed for eating, these portable desks can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as reading and crafts, and today, even a computer mounts on these desks without any problem.

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TV Dinner Trays

  1. 1. TV Dinner Trays – Two Essential Accessories to the Television by Best Deals Online TV Dinner Trays
  2. 2. When we speak about TV dinner trays, two things oftencome to mind, the TV dinner tray table, which is primarilyused for meals, particularly dinner, in front of the TV andthe disposable TV dinner trays, where frozen TV dinnersare packaged in.Before the advent of the television, every household hada very solemn time during dinner, with the use of a largecommunal dinner table, while everyone shared thatspecial time with their family members.As the television became widespread in virtually allhouseholds, families became aware that this invention isan ideal source of entertainment, especially during dinnertime, or sometimes breakfast.This forever changed the traditional dinner habit of mosthouseholds.With this new TV-centric dining habit, the demand forappropriate accessories to the television became greaterand thus came into existence the two most important TVaccessories, which are the TV dinner tray and the TVdinner itself. TV Dinner Trays
  3. 3. The TV tray is an adjustable and mobile personal deskthat provides an appropriate and stable surface whereone can eat.Though primarily designed for eating, these portabledesks can be used for a wide variety of applications, suchas reading and crafts, and today, even a computermounts on these desks without any problem.With some simple unfolding, the entire table can beeasily assembled anytime and anywhere.Though comparable to the lapdesk, these wooden ormetal TV dinner trays have longer stands, which cansometimes resemble a cart.These may also be customized to be able to mount insidea car or truck.Meanwhile, TV dinners are pre-cooked dinner mealsplaced in microwavable or oven-safe plastic TV dinnertrays. TV Dinner Trays
  4. 4. These meals are bought in trays and can be kept frozenand heated when they are to be served.These pre-cooked meals began in 1954, by GerryThomas, the man who created the Swanson TV Dinnersand these instantly became a sensation, not only becauseof the convenience they provided but they were tasty aswell.Originally, the company provided quite a few flavors forthe meals, such as the Salisbury steak, meatloaf, friedchicken, and turkey, with side dishes, such as potatoesand green peas and later on, desserts followed.Each meal came neatly packaged in a divided tray.Even till today, these two important TV accessoriesremain to be very popular with tons of variationsavailable for the tray table and many companiesproducing various flavors of pre-cooked TV dinners andthe Swanson TV Dinners remains to be the undisputedleader in that industry.So, the next time you hear about TV dinner trays, youshould think about these two important accessories. TV Dinner Trays