The Ukf8001axx 750


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The Ukf8001axx 750(now called the PuriClean II) provides you refrigerator ice and cleaner water on demand.

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The Ukf8001axx 750

  1. 1. The Ukf8001axx 750 - Your Drinking Water Problems Solved by Best Deals Online The Ukf8001axx 750
  2. 2. Is your drinking water absolutely safe? Is it free of lead,pesticides and the hundreds of contaminants around you?Play safe- try the Ukf8001axx 750 for your refrigerator!You will never have to worry about the quality oF wateryou are drinking.Take a look at the reasons why this particular model issuch a favorite!• The Ukf8001axx 750(now called the PuriClean II)provides you refrigerator ice and cleaner water ondemand.It removes cysts and other sediments that are commonlyfound in unpurified tap water.Take a look at the contaminants that are routinelyremoved by this refrigerator filter (and yes, they AREcommonly found in tap water, no matter howsophisticated you neighborhood!):1. Asbestos2. Lead3. The odor and taste associated with chlorine4. CystsIt also reduces MTBE, rust and sediment routinely-needwe say more? The Ukf8001axx 750
  3. 3. • Another great advantage to this filter is that you getthis clean water at a much lesser price compared to thatof bottled water!Compare the two today - you will find that you getcleaner and better tasting water at a fraction of the costsyou associate with bottled water!• The Ukf8001axx 750 removes all the pollutants fromyour water.However, it does not remove the all important mineralsthat lend fresh water its unique taste!This filter does not remove fluoride from the water- andthis has been tested and authenticated by a number ofindependent laboratories.• One of the biggest advantages of the Ukf8001axx 750is that it is very easy to find a replacement when you arelooking to change it.After all, it is very inconvenient (to say the least) if youhave to go hunting for filters in the middle of a party!• Your Ukf8001axx 750 cartridge is remarkably easy tochange.Just twist it gently and then proceed with a gentle pull. The Ukf8001axx 750
  4. 4. The automatic shut off function ensures that there are noleaks.So, your refrigerator is always clean and you don’t haveto worry about a spill 24 hours a day!Shopping for the best refrigerator filter can be achallenge.There are a number of brands you might want to checkout- Maytag, kitchenaid and a dozen others.Then there is the sheer volume of replacement filtersavailable in the market!However, choosing the right filter for your refrigerator isnot that tough- just go for a reputed brand like Maytag.They are the specialists in water filters-(under the sink,tap filters also) and see the difference in quality!The Ukf8001axx 750 is your best bet so far as clean andfresh tasting water is concerned- try it out today! The Ukf8001axx 750