DSL Modem Router


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Having high speed Internet access in your home or home office doesn’t have to be a challenge. You just need to know the type of equipment necessary, including a cable or DSL modem router and other pieces.

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DSL Modem Router

  1. 1. DSL Modem Router by Best Deals Online DSL Modem Router
  2. 2. Having high speed Internet access in your home or homeoffice doesn’t have to be a challenge.You just need to know the type of equipment necessary,including a cable or DSL modem router and other pieces.First, you need to consider modems. The modem allows youto “hook into” the Internet.Just as the old dial-up modem most of us once had in ourcomputers let you connect to the Internet through yourphone line, the DSL modem lets you connect to the Internetbut at a higher speed.Likewise, if you choose cable Internet then you will accessthe connection via the wiring for your cable television.Second, you may need routers. The router is needed if youwant to set up a local area network (LAN) in your home orsmall office.Why would you want to do this? Well, if you have a highspeed Internet connection coming into your location and youwant to share that connection among multiple users andcomputers in the same location then the router allows you todo this. DSL Modem Router
  3. 3. Unless you love the idea of having extensive wiring done toyour home or office, you should consider a wireless routerand a wireless network.Third, if you do choose to go wireless, you may need wirelessnetwork cards for your desktop computers.These are built into most laptops and netbooks but not alldesktops come with them since they often use a directconnect method to access the Internet.Finally, make sure if you do wireless with the DSL modemrouter and other equipment that you set up a firewall.Some of the equipment will come with built-in firewallprotection which basically keeps unwanted data from cominginto your network and protects your computer from havingunknown data being siphoned off your network.Of course, you can’t just go out and hope to purchase thefirst pieces of equipment you find.Several brands are available, including Linksys, Netgear,Belkin, and D Link.Picking the best or your needs requires doing some additionalresearch online, reading user reviews, and learning moreabout the reputations of the manufacturers. DSL Modem Router
  4. 4. Now that you know what equipment you need, the next stepis to do that comparison shopping and pick out exactly whatyou need for the type of set-up you want in the office.Remember buying online is often the best way to savemoney on the DSL modem router and other networkequipment you need for home or office use. DSL Modem Router