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Let the Good Times (Management) Roll


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The most valuable asset info-entrepreneurs manage is our time, and we are always managing multiple priorities. I show how to successfully use several time-management approaches to get the best, most strategic use of your time, freeing you up to get more done and have more fun.
This presentation is for the AIIP Annual Conference, May 20, 2017, in New Orleans.

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Let the Good Times (Management) Roll

  1. 1. Let The Good Times (Management) Roll Mary Ellen Bates Reluctant— May 20, 2017
  2. 2. Managing this time slot Getting stuff done Addressing procrastination The 12-Week Year for solopreneurs 3
  3. 3. Getting Stuff Done 5
  4. 4. Getting Things Done Workflow consists of collecting, processing, organizing, reviewing, doing Put everything in writing “What’s the next action?” 6
  5. 5. Tips for Getting Stuff Done Know your internal schedule What is the natural flow of your day? When are you most creative? When can you focus closely? When can you enjoy office/admin work? 7
  6. 6. Tips for Getting Stuff Done Look for 15-minute slots and have things ready to do Order office supplies, schedule meetings during travel, outline talk, read book summary 8
  7. 7. Tips for Getting Stuff Done Batch your work Know your workflow, next step Easier to maintain momentum than create it 9
  8. 8. Tips for Getting Stuff Done When you put down a project, leave a hook Kick-start your re-start when you return to it 10
  9. 9. Tips for Getting Stuff Done For distraction-prone projects Park yourself at a coffee shop until it’s done Offer yourself a shiny toy when done Imagine the warm feeling of “done” 11
  10. 10. Tips for Getting Stuff Done Email and social media are often used as distraction/procrastination Seriously. Check 2-3 times/day. 12
  11. 11. Procrastination 13
  12. 12. Which are you? 14 or
  13. 13. Check your ‘tude How do you view procrastination? A moral failing? A powerful focusing tool? Procrastination ≠ inaction 15
  14. 14. Why we procrastinate I’m afraid I’ll screw up Write down the worst that could happen. I don’t have enough ___________. What can you do right now? I just don’t wanna do it So what? Do it anyway. 16
  15. 15. Choose your suffering The lengthy pain of procrastination or The possible short, intense pain of failure or rejection Resistance is futile 17
  16. 16. The Pomodoro Technique One task at a time 25 minutes of focus (no email, no social media, no multitasking) 5 minute break Repeat Have a goal of X Pomodoros a day or a week 18
  17. 17. Strategic procrastination Just get the-dreaded-thing started Put off the lower-priority stuff Make a decision at the “last best moment” 19
  18. 18. How can you structure your day so that you fully enjoy intentional free time? 20
  19. 19. The 12-Week Year for Solopreneurs 21
  20. 20. Set juicy long-term goals ID the 12-week goals to get you there Spell out the tactics required each week to achieve that goal Evaluate your progress every week 22
  21. 21. Accountability on steroids Clear one-year goals – tangible indicators of success to you Clear mid-range (12-week) goals to get you from here to there Make them measurable! X% of goals completed this wek 23
  22. 22. Not just big goals, not just business goals Do this for all your accountabilities Long-term client projects Building your business Volunteer work Personal goals Include fun stuff and comfort-zone- pushing activities 24
  23. 23. Business goal example 25 Week ending: 5-May 12-May 19-May 26-May 2-Jun GOAL: Get 2 new clients Conduct 5 info interviews Research to ID 10 interviewees Send first 5 invitations Review, reword invitations; schedule interviews Complete all interviews, review results New outreach to market Review, update web site, social media profiles
  24. 24. Project management example 26 Week ending: 5-May 12-May 19-May 26-May 2-Jun 9-Jun GOAL: Manage client project White papers Outline draft Draft to Kate First draft due Get comments from Kate, rework Interviews Get list of contacts, review Schedule 6 appointments Schedule 5 more if needed Write up all findings, review
  25. 25. Personal goal example 27 Week ending: 5-May 12-May 19-May 26-May GOAL: Get house ready to move Clear out all rooms! Living room Guest room Garage Repairs Do list of repairs Call handyman Review with Sue for addl work needed
  26. 26. Now, you try it! ID 1 business and 1 personal long- term quantifiable goal For each one, ID 3 tactics and put each on a separate line What might be in each week’s box? 28
  27. 27. Resources Getting Things Done: Pomodoro Technique: The 12-Week Year: 29
  28. 28. +1 303.772.7095 Twitter: @mebs LinkedIn: maryellenbates Facebook: maryellenbates Reluctant– 30