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Product innovator product_management_training


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Product Innovator overview of Product Management Training

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Product innovator product_management_training

  1. 1. Product Management Training
  2. 2. Product Innovator LtdMary Ryan founded Product Innovator Ltd in 2002, a ProductManagement consultancy and training company.She has worked in the technology sector for twenty years,with more than twelve years as a strategic productmanagement professional.Product Innovator Ltd’s objective is to provide high qualityinstruction, guidance and facilitation to enable participants tobuild scalable and highly competitive products and services.Product Innovator’s Irish and international clients includeGovernment Agencies, Universities, Technology IncubationCentres, and both established and early stage companies.
  3. 3. Product Innovator’s mission is to empower their clients withthe tools and information they require to build products and services that satisfy customer needs, ensuring that they: – Identify the right market – Identify the right customer – Build the right product – Clearly articulate the business value of their product to their target market – Deliver the product to the customer through the most effective channels – Know when to abandon efforts, and cease investment in a non-viable product or service
  4. 4. Training Course AttendeesOur team has provided training in Strategic ProductManagement to hundreds of industry professionals from largeestablished MNCs to start-ups:IBM, Google, Oracle, Sage, BT, Newbay, S3Group, Zarion,Changing Worlds, Lagan Technologies, textHelp, Xilinx, Daon,Qumas, Ocuco, Openet, ARC Logics, MCS Kenny, AdaptiveMobile, Singularity Ltd, Mentec, Quest Computing, LakeCommunications, Iontas, System Solutions, Nortel, Ocuco,welocalize
  5. 5. Product Management International Best PracticeILM endorsed award status since 2006 - part of City and GuildsGroup, LondonUniquely process focussed, unlike other Product Managementframeworks world-wideCreated after extensive research into the key process areas ofproduct management, references leading publications, industrythought leaders and leading Product Management bodiesBacked up with extensive consulting experience and feedbackfrom the field
  6. 6. Product Innovation Management Lifecycle Diagram - Unique Process focus
  7. 7. Product Innovator Ltd• Expertise in facilitating positioning workshops, analysing market and competitive information, identifying company strengths and weaknesses.• Our team excels at simplifying complex concepts and gathering vital customer information, enabling our clients to define product and service offerings that customers are willing to pay for, and to articulate a value proposition that answers their customers needs.
  8. 8. Elevator PitchFOR Product Managers and those involved in Product DevelopmentWHO want to avoid making expensive mistakes bringing products to marketOUR PRODUCT IS a product management training courseTHAT delivers high impact knowledge and skills, in an interactive, supportive environmentWE HAVE developed a training course based on a superior process- driven framework for managing product innovation, backed up with real-life practical examples that attendees can relate to. Includes a highly instructive product management toolkit, based on extensive industry research, which greatly enhances the learning experience for anyone interested in bringing successful products to market.
  9. 9. Testimonials“I left invigorated with new ideas & approaches to try on my own product” - S3 Group“It was evident that the material was the fruit of careful research andcollection of best practices & sound techniques” – International Government Agency, The Netherlands“Using just one tip from the trainer, I managed to save about 10 - 15 days onmy timescales.“ - Venture Manager, BT“This course is an excellent primer to the art of product management.Highly recommended.” - Lagan Technologies“Valuable for the experienced Product Manager as well as other functions”– Business Development Manager, welocalise“A very comprehensive, well delivered training course with plenty of real world insight.” - Xiam
  10. 10.