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Do Big Good - About Us - Oct. 2019


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This one-pager describes the work of Do Big Good, a Seattle-based in social impact measurement firm.

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Do Big Good - About Us - Oct. 2019

  1. 1. Do Big Good Impact Measurement Systems DO BIG GOOD is a Seattle-based consulting firm that creates models, metrics, and processes to help clients maximize their social impact. START EARLY AND ADAPT We believe that impact evaluation starts at the beginning of a project, not the end. Our impact measurement systems use carefully selected KPIs to provide funders and grantees with ongoing information about project outcomes. This information, in turn, becomes a catalyst for adaptation. As a result of adaptation, programs are more effective and achieve greater impact. DESIGN LIKE A STARTUP We use startup methods like user-centered design and rapid prototyping to develop our impact measurement systems. We work with staff and beneficiaries to co-design a system prototype that combines models, metrics, and processes. Then we pilot the system, refining and scaling based on the results. WORK AT SCALE We design impact measurement systems that are deployed at the state and national level. Here are some of our client projects: DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION We are committed to social justice inside our organization as well as in our client work. Do Big Good is a woman-owned business. In addition, 100% of our current team is female, nonbinary, and/or people of color. LET’S TALK We invite you to contact our Founder at to explore how we can support you. By starting early, measuring consistently, and adapting often, we believe any organization can increase the impact of their work. Do Big Good, LLC • 220 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 • • 857-928-1297 images: Do Big Good, Resource Media, Flickr/Mr.TinDC, Freepik, Flat Icon Code for America Piloting a measure- ment system with civic tech volunteers in 14 cities. Resource Media Using theory of change to define impact metrics for statewide climate action in California. Center for Tech and Civic Life Evaluating a software toolkit for election workers across the US.