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Speech 104 ppt.


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Prof. Marteney Speech 104

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Speech 104 ppt.

  1. 1. Claims and Debates BY: MARY BEZJIAN
  2. 2. DEFINITIONOF A CLAIMAn arguablestatement.
  3. 3. All About a Claim Claim is…… The main argument of an essay or debate. A claim defines your paper’s goals and direction, and is supported by evidence, quotations, argumentation, expert opinion, statistics, and telling details. A claim must be argumentative. When you make a claim, you are arguing for a certain interpretation or understanding of your subject. A good claim is specific Example: MTV’s popularity is declining because it no longer plays music videos- rather than a general one- MTV sucks.
  4. 4. What You Can NOT Use to Support Your Claim “My friends or relatives“It’s my opinion” think so, or everybody think so”
  5. 5. What You Can NOT Use to Support Your Claim Pt. 2 “Because it’s morally“Because it’s obvious” right”
  6. 6. It’s Always Been, it’s Tradition.
  7. 7. Types of Debates Burden of Proof Burden of Presumption Prima Facie Case Burden of Rebuttel
  8. 8. BurdensBurden of Proof Burden of Presumption Burden of proof lies with those  Burden of presumption is to making the positive claim. It is assume something without the duty to prove the proof. allegations are true.  For example if you lost a piece This is what is meant in a court of jewelry, you automatically room “innocent until proven assume your friend stole it guilty”. Prosecutors have to because they were at your prove the accused person is house the day before. guilty.
  9. 9. Prima FacieCaseIs when someone iscaught red-handed!The argument doesnot need proof. “Proofis in the pudding”. Thecase is able to standon its own.For example someonestealing in a grocerystore is caught onsecurity cameras or bythe owner on the spot.No need for proof hewas caught in the act.
  10. 10. Burden ofRebuttal•Is the duty toprove the contraryargument.•For example if youare accusingsomeone of amurder (they didnot really commit),you have to useevidence to proveyour accusation.