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Tap Into Your Pure Potential

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Tap Into Your Pure Potential

  1. 1. Tap Into Your Pure Potential is like no other workshop or training you’ve ever experienced and is guaranteed to transform your business and employees in 3 days. True transformation is an “inside job”. We only change our behaviours when we have our own insights and realise that it makes sense to behave differently.
  2. 2. Human Capital is a company’s greatest asset. Individuals who spend their day contributing towards the success of an organisation are its most crucial resource. Employees can either make or break a company, truly making them an organisation lifeline. This is why the state- of-mind of your workforce is the single most important factor affecting the success of your business.
  3. 3. Traditional training gives your employees the tools needed to perform well, but it doesn’t guarantee a change in behaviour or mind set! If they hang up their tools and forget to use them, they will soon revert to their old ways.
  4. 4. What if you could improve the state of mind of your employees, resulting in an immediate positive change in behaviour?
  5. 5. Sound like magic? Too good to be true?
  6. 6. Definitely not!
  7. 7. We’re all born into this world to have a “human experience” without so much as an instruction manual… ..much like many of the mobile games today which leave their complexity unexplained. You are dropped into a world that you must master at the same time as you figure out how it works.
  8. 8. But we’ve hacked the Human Operating System! We will teach you the Principles behind the human experience. Once you understood the Principle of Gravity, you realised the consequences of dropping an object. In a similar way, by understanding the Principles behind our human experience, you will have life- changing insights into your own behaviour and that of others.
  9. 9. We’ll explain how the mind works and how you create your experience of life. We’ll reveal the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. We’ll look at the implications of this understanding in many areas of your work and personal life.
  10. 10. We’ll acquaint you with your built-in design for success! Human beings were designed to “be in the flow” and we would be, 100% of the time, if it weren’t for the things we do that get in the way.
  11. 11. We’ll demonstrate that your default state is one of well- being… …and that you have access to much more knowledge than is in your mere intellectual mind. We’ll show you how it’s possible to tap into this infinite source of Wisdom and Pure Potential.
  12. 12. The more you REALISE how the mind works and your built-in design for success, the greater you will thrive personally and professionally! You will become much more resilient and bounce back more easily from negative moods and emotions.
  13. 13. There’s no limit to the positive effects that this understanding will have on the state- of-mind of your employees and the success of your business. You can continue to deepen your knowledge of these Principles for years to come. As you see them more clearly, you will experience further positive affects in your well- being and resilience. The implications for your business will cut across all disciplines, departments and levels of seniority.
  14. 14. Leaders will emerge… Creativity will soar…. Customer service and satisfaction will go through the roof…
  15. 15. Meetings will become more productive and efficient…
  16. 16. Those big workplace egos will be tamed…
  17. 17. You’ll have moLeaders will emerge re productive and efficient meetings… Leaders will emerge…
  18. 18. Leaders will emerge… Creativity will soar….
  19. 19. Leaders will emerge… Creativity will soar…. Teamwork will improve…
  20. 20. Leaders will emerge… Creativity will soar…. Communication will be enhanced…
  21. 21. Employees will suffer less stress and burnout…
  22. 22. We’re not just talking “theory” here. We’ll actually put it to the test!
  23. 23. Put your biggest problem on the table and we’ll facilitate a solution.
  24. 24. We are totally confident that we can make a significant impact on your employees and your business. If you’re not 100% happy with the results, we’ll return your money to you! There’s absolutely NO RISK …
  25. 25. Workshop Agenda Day 1 • Personal Objectives and Course Goals • The Power of Realisation: Truth and Learning with insight • The Human Operating System • The Mind Only Works One Way • The Inside Out Nature of Perception • The Impact of Realisation • Life from the Inside Out • Live with Trust in Your Innate Core of Wisdom and Insight Workshop Agenda Day 2 • Insights, Recap and Review • The Personal Implications of This Understanding: Insights, Feelings, Personal Power, Time and Presence • The Interpersonal Implications: Effective Communication, Rapport, Team Synergy • Innate Leadership • The Inside Out Nature of Perception • Open Session for Any Issues or Questions
  26. 26. Workshop Agenda Day 3 Business Problem – Solution Facilitation Workshop Agenda Day 3 Business Problem – Solution Facilitation
  27. 27. Watch your business and employees transform before your eyes!
  28. 28. Want more information? Contact Mary Beth Hazeldine Tel. +44 (0)7920 156788