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Disney animation film


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Disney animation film

  2. 2. ** Walt Disney Pictures is an American film studio owned by The Walt Disney Company.* Walt Disney Studios was originally the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, that Walt Disney created in 1923.* Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, DisneyToon Studios and Studio Ghibli are usually released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures under the Walt Disney Pictures banner.
  3. 3. ** It is a different subjet of my dissertation, funnier and less academic.* I am interested in animation movies in general (japanese, american…) and Walt Disney pictures are a good starting point for an internet watch, because they’re more covered by press.* To keep children’s heart !
  4. 4. ** Anyone who want to be informed of new movies or actualities about walt disney movies.* Parents who want to take their children to the new Walt Disney.* Rivals of Walt Disney Pictures in animation movies production.
  5. 5. * * “ Paperman, Disney’s Oscar-nominated short film, is released online ”Author : BRUSTEIN, JoshuaDate : January 31th 2013Extract : « Disney premiered the short film Paperman ahead of American screeningsof Wreck-It Ralph at the end of last year. But now the film has been released onlinefor free on Disney’s YouTube channel. »Index terms : Animation movies, Walt Disney Pictures, Oscar nominationFound with : NetvibesSite : The TelegraphURL :
  6. 6. ** Google news* Yahoo news => by way of NETVIBES* Bing news