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Introduction for teachers to My Big Campus.

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Mbc teacher layout

  1. 1. Welcome The following slides introduce how to create a course and the layout of a course’s homepage on MyBigCampus. The major sections used are defined for reference. The example courses include an introductory watercolor class and a research paper class.
  2. 2. My Big Campus Lingo Activity = Newsfeed Bundles = Containers for creating learning units. Conversations = Messages EduTalk = Twitter Groups = Classes Pages = Place to hold learning units. Schoolwork = Assignments
  3. 3. Choosing an Existing Course 1. After you log- in, choose an existing course in the left hand column under Groups. This will take you to the course’s home page.
  4. 4. Starting a New Course To start creating a new course, click on Add Group in the bottom left hand column.
  5. 5. Naming New Course 1. To add a new course, enter the group title. 2. Choose the school. 3. Describe the group. 4. Upload a group picture if you want. 5. Save work.
  6. 6. Menu BarWe will first focus on the top menu bar in eachcourse. The tabs are colored in grey and whiteand are underlined when you hover over them.They turn into a black background when youselect them.The top menu bar includes links to Home,Announcements, Discussion, Chat, Pages,Resources, Calendar, and Members.
  7. 7. Home TabThe Home tab will take you to the home page of thecourse you are using.
  8. 8. Announcements Tab The Announcements tab will take you to a list of all of the announcements for1. To post an all of the Groups or courses you are aannouncement, member.click in the textbox and starttyping.2. Post yourannouncementby clicking onthe Postbutton.
  9. 9. Discussions Tab The Discussions Tab is where you can add a new discussion thread.The discussionstab allows youadd adiscussionthread, view allposteddiscussions, andcomment onexisting.
  10. 10. Chat TabThe Chat taballows you to chatwith others inyour groups whoare online at thesame time youare online.Type your chathere.
  11. 11. Pages TabPagescontains allof yourcreatedinstructionalmaterials.
  12. 12. The Pages tab allows These pages containyou to add a new page different modules ofto your course or instruction that amanage existing page teacher created.templates.
  13. 13. Pages TabExample ofthe first partof Module 1Page
  14. 14. My Stuff ButtonBeforeaddingoriginalmaterial toResources,first uploadmaterial intoYour Stuff.
  15. 15. My Stuff Button1. Click Add button to addmaterial to use in creatingyour courses.
  16. 16. My Stuff Button2. Choose the type of materialyou would like to add.
  17. 17. Resources Tab 1. Add a new folder to hold your resources.2. To editexistingmaterials, selectone of the items. 3. Added folders can then be linked in your pages.
  18. 18. Resources Tab1. To start a new folder,enter a name for your newfolder.2. Click Save.
  19. 19. Resources Tab• Your new folder will show up in this list.1. Click on your New Folder
  20. 20. Resources Tab2. Add your material to the New Folder.
  21. 21. Calendar TabThe Calendar tab allowsyou to mange yourcalendar for the course.You can keeptrack ofschoolwork,assignments,group events,and recurringevents.
  22. 22. Members TabThe Members tabshows up whenyou are only amember of agroup. It allowsyou to see allpeople who aremembers of yourgroups.You can click ontheir names andsend a message totheir Chat board.
  23. 23. EduTalk Button• The EduTalk Button is similar to a Twitter feed.• Click on the EduTalk Button to view feed.
  24. 24. EduTalk Button1. Post your own“What’shappening?” feed.2. Share data.3. Read othersubscribers’ newsfeeds.
  25. 25. Bundles Button• The Bundles Button allows you to search for learning units already developed.• Click on the Bundles Button to view the bundles.
  26. 26. Search for Bundles Button existing lessons shared by other My Big Campus teachers.Search bytype,subject, ortimeliness.
  27. 27. The EndClick around in My Big Campus to familiarize yourselfwith the layout of the features. The more time youspend getting to know how to use My Big Campus, themore successful you will be in creating online courses.