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Mbc student layout


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Brief introduction for students to My Big Campus.

Published in: Education
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Mbc student layout

  1. 1. Welcome Students! The following slides introduce the layout of a course’s homepage on MyBigCampus. The major sections used are defined for reference. The example courses include an introductory watercolor class and a research paper class.
  2. 2. My Big Campus My Big Campus (MBC) is a Learning Management System. The navigation of MBC is similar to Facebook.
  3. 3. My Big Campus Lingo Activity = Newsfeed Bundles = Containers for creating learning units. Conversations = Messages EduTalk = Twitter Groups = Classes Pages = Place to hold learning units. Schoolwork = Assignments
  4. 4. Choosing an Existing Course After you log-in, choose an existing course in the left hand column under Groups. This will take you to the course’s home page.
  5. 5. Menu BarWe will first focus on the top menu bar in eachcourse. The tabs are colored in grey and whiteand are underlined when you hover over them.They turn into a black background when youselect them.The top menu bar includes links to Home,Announcements, Discussion, Chat, Pages,Resources, Calendar, and Members.
  6. 6. Home TabThe Home tab will take you to the home page of thecourse you are using.
  7. 7. Announcements TabTheAnnouncementstab will take youto a list of allannouncementsfor all of theGroups or coursesyou are amember.
  8. 8. Discussions Tab The Discussions Tab is where you can add a new discussion thread.The discussionstab allows youadd adiscussionthread, view allposteddiscussions, andcomment onexisting.
  9. 9. Chat TabThe Chat taballows you to chatwith others inyour groups whoare online at thesame time youare online.Type your chathere.
  10. 10. Pages TabPages containsall pages createdby your teacherfor instruction.Bundles may belocated here orinannouncements.
  11. 11. Pages TabThe pages contains different modules ofinstruction that students follow.
  12. 12. Pages Tab Example of the first part of Module 1 Page
  13. 13. My Stuff ButtonBeforeaddingoriginalmaterial,first uploadmaterial intoYour Stuff.
  14. 14. Resources Tab The Resources Tab is a holing area for documents created by your teacher.Select theresource youwant and thendouble click on itto open it.
  15. 15. Calendar TabThe Calendar tab allowsyou to view importantdates from all of yourGroups.You can keeptrack ofschoolwork,assignments,group events,and recurringevents.
  16. 16. Members TabThe Members tabshows up whenyou are only amember of agroup. It allowsyou to see all ofthe people who aremembers of yourgroups.You can click ontheir names andsend a message totheir Chat board.
  17. 17. EduTalk ButtonThe EduTalk Button issimilar to a Twitter feed.Click on the EduTalk Buttonto view feed.
  18. 18. EduTalk Button1. Post your own“What’shappening?” feed.2. Share data.3. Read othersubscribers’ newsfeeds.
  19. 19. Bundles ButtonThe Bundles Button allowsteachers to create learningunits of instruction.You will find a link to theBundles your teacher wantsyou to use in either anannouncements page or in adocument under the PagesMenu.
  20. 20. The EndClick around in My Big Campus to familiarize yourselfwith the layout of the features. The more time youspend getting to know how to use My Big Campus, themore successful you will be in creating online courses.