Create a group and Add Members using MBC


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How to create a group and add new members in MBC.

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Create a group and Add Members using MBC

  1. 1. Let’s Get Started Teachers can create their own "virtual classroom" groups. 1. Locate the Groups tab on the Home Page left navigation bar. 2. Click the Add Group link at the bottom of the list
  2. 2. 1. Add a Group Title Adding a Group2. Add a GroupDescription 3. Post a picture for the Group’s Home Page 4. Click Save
  3. 3. Adding a Group Now you may Edit your group to select content and sharing options. Click on Edit
  4. 4. 1. Edit Title of Adding a Group Group2. EditDescription Insert Home Page Content
  5. 5. 3. Mark Privacy Adding a Group4. Set PageCreation Setting5. Decide whichgroup membersare allowed tocreate resourcesfor this group.
  6. 6. Adding a Group6. Enable access to pages 7. Add photo for group
  7. 7. Add Members to Group First Option: My Big Campus users can navigate to the site (via the More Groups link in the left navigation bar or by searching for your group’s name) and click “Join Group.” As the group owner, you will receive a notification where you can accept or deny the request.
  8. 8. Add Members to Group Second Option: If you know who should be members in your group, you may add them yourself. Click on the picture below to view how it is done.
  9. 9. Add Members to Group As shown in the previous video clip, if the button for Members is available to you, you may enter your own class lists into your groups. Click on Members and begin typing names under Search for users to add. My Big Campus will look up matching names as you type and auto-complete them. Click Add Users when you’re done finding members.• Check with the IT Department to see if this option will be available to you.
  10. 10. Add Members to Group Final Option: If you are using My Big Campus with the Lightspeed Web Filter, your tech staff can auto-create account memberships with data from your student information system. IT may decide to add all students to the groups themselves.
  11. 11. Your Turn Log in to My Big Campus. Now it is your turn to add a group, edit a group, and add members to your group. The more you play around with My Big Campus, the more familiar everything will be to you. Have fun!