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How to create Bundles using My Big Campus.

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Bundle presentation

  1. 1. Bundle It All Up!Bundles are a way to collect videos,group content, documents, and textinto a self contained onlinepresentation.Bundles can be created for a singlelesson, a chapter, or a complete unit.Bundles help you stay organizedkeeping everything in one spot.Bundles can even be shared privatelywith colleagues or made public.
  2. 2. Objectives Learn the basic uses of a bundle. Learn about bundle creation. Learn how to share bundles. Know the difference between a published and unpublished bundle.
  3. 3. Basic Uses of a Bundle• Allows for teachers to create their own “digital textbook”• Containers to place lessons created from free online resources or teacher created material• Place to share objects, YouTube videos, websites, web pages, lesson plans, assignments, qui zzes, schoolwork, etc.
  4. 4. Bundle Advantages1. Search through already created Bundles, so you won’thave to reinvent the wheel.2. Branch off from an existing Bundle to use “as is” orchange as needed.
  5. 5. Bundle Advantages• Search by type, subject, rating or key words of already created bundles.
  6. 6. Bundle Advantages• Search for already created Bundles by state standards, Common Core Standards, objectives, or key words• Access to National Repository of Online Curriculum (NROC) to pull into your own bundles
  7. 7. Let’s Get Started • Click on Bundles in the left hand navigation bar. • This will take you to the Bundle Exchange.
  8. 8. Starting a Bundle• Click on Create New Bundle
  9. 9. 1. Click on Information Tab Information Tab 2. Enter a Title 3. Enter objectives for the bundle 4. Enter a summary of what the Bundle will include
  10. 10. Information Tab5. Select the Bundle Type
  11. 11. Information Tab6. Select the Subject of your Bundle
  12. 12. Information Tab8. Add tags to search under
  13. 13. Information Tab9. Click on Save Bundle toproceed to the next tab
  14. 14. Content Tab 2. Upload Files to 4. Select type of your Bundle content to add1. Click Content Tab 3. Insert Text into your Bundle
  15. 15. 1. Click on 2. Select Standards TabStandards Region andTab State 3. Select type of standard
  16. 16. Standards Tab 4. Select your grade The standard level, subject level,After selecting will then and then specificyour state and appear in the standard by clickingtype of Selected on the “+”standard, a list Standards textappears. box. 5. Click Save Bundle
  17. 17. Cover Art Tab 2. Click on Choose File to add a picture to your Bundle from your files1. Click onCover ArtTab
  18. 18. Collaborators Tab 2. Search for teachers to collaborate with1. Click on and double clickCollaborators on their name or . .. • Your Collaborators will appear here 3. Click on the green “+”
  19. 19. Two Ways to Save Bundle• Save Bundle for me to share  Your Bundle is private and only you and the people you collaborate with will be able to see it and edit it.• Publish Bundle for all to see  Everyone on MBC has permission to view and share your bundle.
  20. 20. Your Turn Try it!  Log in to My Big Campus.  Try creating a practice Bundle. Find MBC training information in Bundles, too!