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Wilson omnifile tutorial f2011 brief


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How to find articles in Wilson Omnifile and its component databases. Created at Forsyth Library, Fort Hays State University.

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Wilson omnifile tutorial f2011 brief

  1. 1. WILSON WEB DATABASE COLLECTION Search one or all of these databases: What is it?  Art Full-Text  Business Full-TextWilson Web is a  Education Full -extcollection of databases  General Science Full-Textwhich contains many  Humanities Full-Textfull-text articles on a OmniFile Full-Textvariety of subjects.   Readers’ Guide Full-Text  Social Sciences Full-Text Use your mouse wheel or the left/right arrow keys to advance the slides
  2. 2. Forsyth Library Homepage Click “Find Articles & Databases”
  3. 3. “Find Articles & Databases” page Click Databases
  4. 4. Alphabetical List of Databases Scroll down and click Wilson OmniFile
  5. 5. Check “OmniFile” to search ALL the collections, or choose one or more of the collections to searchClick “DatabaseDescriptions” to find out more about each collection.
  6. 6. Advanced Search#1: Type in your For a more search terms. focused search, you can change All-Smart Search (keyword search) to title, author, etc. if desired.
  7. 7. Step 2: Step 3:Limit your Click Startsearch if desired
  8. 8. Results List when you limit your search to Full-Text Articles Usually get fewer results But the complete article isavailablefor all 59 results.
  9. 9. Results List without limiting to Full-Text Yields More ResultsSome resultsdo not have No Full-Text Link full-text available, others do
  10. 10. To limit or not to limit? The most efficient  If you do not find way to search is enough articles, usually to begin by broaden your search limiting to Full-Text by removing the limit to full-text, and/or byarticles only. That way changing your search you know you will terms to something less have access to all the specific. articles you find.
  11. 11. “Get Article” linkArticles that are not full-text in WilsonWeb will havea “Get Article” link. Click this link to search our other databases for the full-text of the article.
  12. 12. This article was found in the database Sage Premier
  13. 13. If the article is not found, you will see this screen: In other databases, the “Get Article” Don’t give up yet! function is called “LinkSource” It is possible we have the article in PRINT. Ask a librarian how to find out. If we do not have it in print either, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan (on-campus students).
  14. 14. For Distance Students  If you cannot find the full-text of the article you need by using Get Article/LinkSource, you can request it through Distance Services: OR send an e-mail containing the complete article citation to:
  15. 15. Questions? Just ask! Judy Salm Lynn Haggard628-4537 628-5566 MaryAlice Wade Angela Barger628-4342 628-4529
  16. 16. The EndCreated by Angela Barger & MaryAlice Wade January 2010 & updated August 2011  