MLA International Bibliography: How to search


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How to search MLA International Bibliography database.

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MLA International Bibliography: How to search

  1. 1. How to SearchMLA International Bibliography Database via Forsyth Library Fort Hays State University
  2. 2. What is MLA International Bibliography?This database is a classified listing and subject index of scholarlybooks and articles on modern languages, literatures, folklore andlinguistics which has been compiled by the Modern LanguageAssociation of America since 1926.Subject coverage MLA IB contains• Modern literatures citations and abstracts• Literary theory and criticism only--no full-text• Linguistics (complete) articles. But• Teaching of language in some cases, links to• Film, television and theater the complete article in• Rhetoric and composition another database are• History of the book available.• Folklore
  3. 3. To access the MLA International Bibliography Database: Use the link on the Finding Articles Use the link on Forsyth Library’spage of the English Research Guide Alphabetical List of Databases OR
  4. 4. MLAIB contains citations for articles, but also for books,book chapters, and dissertations. The icons to the left of the citation tells you which type of material it is. Book Chapter Scholarly Journal Article Dissertatio n
  5. 5. If you only want journal articles, check the box under “Source Type” when you first begin your search.
  6. 6. Advanced Search gives you several search boxes so you can combine terms, and choose where you want those terms to appear in your article (such as in the title or subject)You can also limit your search to peer- reviewed articles, or by date, publication title, language, etc.
  7. 7. Example of an Advanced SearchThis searchyielded only one result
  8. 8. Search TipsCombine search terms with AND to narrow your search, focusingit to your precise topic.Broaden your search by using synonyms or phrases with similarmeanings, such as female OR womanTruncation Symbols: Use an asterisk * to stand in for any number ofletters in a word, so that you retrieve all forms of the word. Example:feminis* will find feminism and feministWild Cards: Use a question mark to stand in for a single letter.Example: wom?n will find woman and womenFor more searching strategies, click on “Tips” or “Help” on theMLAIB search page.
  9. 9. From your results screen, click “Modify Search” to change your search terms.
  10. 10. Broadening the search by changing the search terms from(“ feminist theory”) to feminis* increased the number results from 3to 13 . feminis* will bring up feminism or feminist(s), and dropping “theory” broadens the search even more Search suggestion s can be helpful. Or not.
  11. 11. Adding OR wom?n increases the number of hits to 50. While wom?n (woman or women) is not strictly synonymous with feminist or feminism, articles that critique Madame Bovary on themes relating to women may also touch on feminism and have useful content.
  12. 12. Use the pane on the right tonarrow your results, if desired. Slide to restrict your results by date, then click Update
  13. 13. Subject Headings are another way to find articles. Click the article title to find the subject headings. Click the links to search for other articles on that subject.
  14. 14. Next Steps• To learn how to mark your results, save them to your account, e- mail citations, etc., consult the MLA IB: Working With Your Results tutorial located on the Tutorials Page of the English Research Guide• To learn how to find the complete article, book chapter or dissertation after locating the citation, consult the MLA IB: Finding Full-Text tutorial• For help Identifying Citation Types (book, article, book chapter, dissertation, etc), consult the handout on the home page of the English Research Guide
  15. 15. Questions? Just ask! Judy Salm Lynn Haggard628-4537 628-5566 MaryAlice Wade Angela Barger628-4342 628-4529