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Drupal 8 - A Boon For Digital Marketing | Position2


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Drupal 8 CMS Mobile Platform which aims at fixing key issues to deliver a better mobile experience, has brought host of features for Drupal developers.

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Drupal 8 - A Boon For Digital Marketing | Position2

  1. 1.© Position2 Drupal 8 Is A Boon For Digital Marketing
  2. 2.© Position2 The way the average mobile user is tied to a device of choice, marketers can pretty much reach target customers anyplace, at any time. But when a visitor taps on a button that doesn’t respond, the frustrated users’ buyer’s journey ends on your digital doorstep. Drupal 8 is looking to solve that problem. A large group of developers, keeping true to the community’s open source roots, is working on Drupal’s Mobile Initiative. The goal is to make the Drupal 8 CMS mobile platform the best there is in today’s increasingly mobile world. The Drupal Mobile Initiative aims to address several key functionalities: • Responsive themes • Enhanced front-end usability • Use of administrative forms on mobile • Native app integration • Ability to use the marketing software you already know • Build campaigns with mobile in mind • Add, remove or revise content with ease • Easily deliver content segmented by audience, language and device type Solving these issues will give users a much more satisfying experience on their mobile devices. Websites will be quick to load, with easy to use responsive design. And marketers will be able to adjust their websites on the go.
  3. 3.© Position2 Mobile Accessibility If your website content isn’t easily accessible on mobile, you have a problem. The increasing use of mobile devices for access to instant information makes this imperative. The Drupal Mobile Initiative will help that access happen. Themes and modules have been developed for easy integration with JQuery Mobile, a framework that allows for cross-platform development of high-speed, easy-to-use mobile sites. Drupal 8 means faster access to customers, as well as a decreased chance of drop offs due to site speed frustration– two things that need to be on any marketer’s radar.
  4. 4.© Position2 Making Mobile Editing A Reality Marketers can be mobile, just like their customers Drupal 8 is not only friendly for visitors, it’s editor-friendly, too. The Drupal Initiative aims to include full admin toolbar and capabilities when logged-in to a Drupal 8 site on a mobile device. Drupal 8’s responsive capabilities and mobile-friendly administrative features ensure your content looks great on any screen. A Powerful Tool in the Digital Marketer’s Toolkit The ability to provide on the go new and relevant content to your website will meet Google’s love of hyper-fresh results and lead to higher rankings. This makes Drupal 8’s Mobile Initiative a powerful marketing tool. Drupal 7’s powerful and flexible platform has already made it a great CMS for marketers. The mobile advantages being built into Drupal 8 give marketers the chance to take their game even higher. Integrate Your Best Of Breed Marketing Software Integrate your mix of CRM, Email, Marketing Automation and other software, using Drupal as the backbone.
  5. 5.© Position2 Reach Global Audiences Easily translate anything on your site with built-in user interfaces. The Drupal community produces automatic software translation updates.
  6. 6.© Position2 Ease Of Use With the new user interface in Drupal 8, your web staff can accomplish in minutes what used to take hours. Marketing With Drupal Doesn’t Need To Be An Uphill Climb Drupal is a great platform for marketers. With the right modules installed its flexibility and versatility simplify marketing tasks. For example, the metadata module tells Google what your content is about. Content with no metadata is far less likely to rank than the same content with well-optimized meta information. Is your enterprise website built with Drupal? Are you facing any maintenance or enhancement problems? We want to hear what you have to say – Voice your opinion about Drupal.